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Pros and Cons of a Rain Shower head

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Do you also want to have the same luxurious bathroom you see in hotels?

Getting into the shower, enjoying the gentle touch of water on your skin, is such a great reward after a long day. It’s hard to not want it for your home in Singapore. 

So, if you feel you’re ready to take the leap, consider investing in a rain shower head. A rain shower head is a fixed bathroom element. Shower heads come in different forms, so you have lots of opportunities to design your bathroom. 

To help you decide, we talk about the pros and cons of a rain shower head in this post. Let’s dig in.


  • Attractive. A rain shower head elevates the look of your bathroom. It gives off a SPA-like feel and classy touch with its sleek and stylish design. There’s no hose or rod in sight, which also makes your bathroom appear neater. Chances are you’ll feel you’ve stepped into a hotel room each time you enter your bathroom. 
  • Pampering. Standing under your rain shower head and feeling the flow of warm water is such a relaxing experience. Whether you prefer to enjoy a shower early in the morning or before you hit the bed at night, a rain shower head provides you with an instant pampering treat. It offers more coverage so water reaches all body parts. You can also look into a rain shower set in Singapore that comes with a multi-function option so you can upgrade your shower experience.  
  • Easy-care. Rain shower heads have anti-clog features. Be sure to ask the representative about it. Typically, they’re also easy to maintain. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe the nozzle. You can spend more time enjoying your shower than keeping it clean. You can also be confident that your shower head will look as good as new even after several years of use. 
  • Water-saving. Many rain shower heads are equipped with water-saving capabilities. And since a rain shower head has wide coverage, you can rinse your body faster. This allows more water savings, which translates to money savings. But, of course, you’ll have to resist staying too long in the shower.


  • May be costlier. Depending on the model that you choose and the amount of work needed to install the new shower head, you may have to spend more to get the project done. Always look into long-term costs so you can weigh better if it fits your budget. 
  • May not be adjustable. Not all rain shower head models are adjustable. So it’s possible that you might not be able to adjust it to your liking. You probably want to pull it closer to your hair or body so you can only get selected areas wet. This is easy with the typical shower head, but may not be feasible in some rain shower heads. That being said, always check product limitations with the supplier before saying yes.

Compare rain shower head models and brands today

Ask as many questions as you want about the rain shower head you’re eyeing on. Check out reviews and pick a trusted supply store for your bathroom renovation project. 


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