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Pros and Cons of hiring an Immigration Lawyer in getting an E2 visa

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For most visa applicants, especially those who have been filing infinitely already, extra help is not that needed. But there are lots of instances that it is better to have one than none at all. Why? Because it can help you save a lot of things like money or time.

There are some experts in every field because they are the ones more experienced in the process. If you get to have their service, it’s like just waiting for the approval to be done in no time. And there is nothing easier than getting yourself involve in the whole process. Also, this is the main reason why Ashoori Law came into existence, to help those who need help in their visa applications.

This section will let you understand the advantages and disadvantages of getting help from an immigration lawyer.

Immigration Lawyer: An Overview

If you think that immigration lawyers are just like the more common lawyers that you know, well, they are unique in their way. They don’t usually appear in court, just like those you have watched in movies or series. They are more of helping people regarding visa applications and green cards. Also, they handle deportation concerns, employment of noncitizens, and naturalizations.

The immigration lawyer also appears before immigration hearings if they are need, especially for criminal law cases.

Pros of hiring an Immigration lawyer

 Let us take a look at how it is beneficial for you to hire an immigration lawyer.

Take it from experience.

A license is not enough to hire an immigration lawyer; he also must know everything arising from an E2 visa application. If he had handled one or more cases before then, it would be easier for him to relate it in your case for faster processing time.

Also, by hiring an experienced lawyer, you will get a chance to know what can be done if some of your documents will surely not pass the approval. In this case, you will get to take advantage of the knowledge that he has to make sure that you will have the correct document in hand.

Less Burden for you

Since someone will handle the permit, you can focus on the business more instead. This is a good thing because you can ensure that the company can be more productive and profitable the moment the permit gets approve.

The immigration lawyer will provide you with all the documents needed in your case as well. From that point, all you need to perform is collate all the documents and give them to your immigration attorney. He will now be responsible for getting the documents in a file or folder that is easy for the immigration officer to check.

Say, for example, you have all your documents complete but were not organize in a file. There will be a high chance that it will get disapproved due to the disorganization of your files. You must bear in mind that you are not the only applicant. The officer might not foresee all your documents in one go.

Fewer Expenses

Although you will pay a fee when hiring an immigration lawyer, it is way cheaper than paying for multiple delays and disapprove documents. If you don’t know the process and what to submit, you will just run around in circles without additional time to finish. And that is way more stressful and expensive compared to hiring an immigration lawyer.

Also, the things you will pay reprocessing those disapproved documents can be allotted as your budget going the US or as an addition to your funds at risk.

Cons of hiring an immigration lawyer

The only disadvantage that we see is the price that you have to pay. Since it may range from $75 to $7500 depending on your needs, this does not include your requirements. But we always say that those fees and costs are part of your investments since they will back you up with all the advantages that an immigration lawyer can give.


Nothing seems great than accomplishing a job in no less than a snap with the help of someone. Knowing that it will be all processed in a short period is somewhat a breath of fresh air in the fast-changing phase of the business world.

That is the mere reason why you should hire an immigration lawyer. We hope that this section has enlightened you on why many suggest hiring a professional for your visa needs.



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