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Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used Smartphone

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The latest smartphones are pretty expensive, people still prefer buying them because of their extensive functions and options. However, most of these smartphones cost over $500 depending upon their model and brand. It is difficult for most people to buy such expensive phones so the next best thing they can do is buy a used smartphone. Buying a used smartphone is a great way to save money and enjoy the perks of a good mobile device. You can find the best-used phones in Kelowna if you reach out to uBreakiFix to get the best prices on used smartphones.

Buying a used smartphone is like a two-sided sword as it has its perks and setbacks. If you are planning to buy a used smartphone then this guide might be helpful to you before you invest. So, without further ado, let us discuss some of the pros and cons of buying a used smartphone.

The Price

The most vital perk of investing money in a used smartphone is that they are available at a great price. Most people may not know this but the price of the phone goes significantly down as soon as it is unpacked. Smartphones are a far more affordable option. You can also get a few months warranty if the phone is freshly unpacked. People can save up to $200 on their smartphones if they buy a used one.

The Choice

People get a wider range of options and choices when it comes to used smartphones. Phones that are a few years old are usually discontinued, and cannot be bought brand new. However, you can find a smartphone in good condition if you take the time out and spend some time in the local market. We also suggest going to uBreakiFix if you want a good deal on your used smartphone.

Go Green

Another perk of going for a used phone is that you will be doing Mother Nature a huge favour as the demand for new smartphones is damaging the environment. You can get one of the latest used mobile phones as thousands of these phones are thrown away due to lack of demand. You can save a device from becoming a waste if you buy a used one, so do consider it when you want a new mobile for yourself.

Assess Your Needs

Buying a brand new phone isn’t necessary if you think about it. You can get a good variety of functions in used phones if you take the time out and go through the local market. Most people only use their phones for messaging, calling, social media apps and games. Used smartphones can fulfil these needs quite easily without having you spend tons of money on a new one. A basic second-hand phone is probably the best idea for anyone who resonates with the above-mentioned needs.


We have already talked about the benefits but let us now take a look at the demerits of buying a used smartphone.


There is a huge chance that you might find a good warranty on your used mobile phone but it may not be there if your phone is too old. Using a phone without a warranty can be a risk since you may have to spend a lot of money on it in case it gets broken or damaged. A warrantied mobile phone is a safer option because you can claim the phone for the warranty if something goes wrong.

Scratches and Condition

You may be someone who handles their phone with extreme care but not everyone may do it too. Some of the used phones have a lot of scratches and poor condition which makes their look go down significantly. You would not want to carry a bad looking phone especially when it is not even your fault. Fortunately, uBreakiFix is the best option for anyone who wants good condition smartphones at affordable prices.

Wrapping Up

With that said, it is difficult to decide who you should go to if you want to Buy a Used Phone in Kelowna, but professionals like uBreakiFix may help you out with this task as they have the best deals on new and used mobiles. So, do not forget to check their website when you want to buy your next mobile phone.


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