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Proportional pinch valve A pressure controller tool

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Proportional pinch valve 

A proportional pinch regulator is a controller. It can be fitted to a Pinch Valve and allow a specific percentage of air inside to some extent close the sleeve. This process depends on the intensity of supplied voltage. An electronic pinch valve offers accurate control of flow and pressure with the support of an electrically controlled motor. 

A pinch valve is specifically designed to be either fully opened or closed. In addition, there are several applications where a pneumatic valve is used to provide accurate control of the fluid within the tube. The pneumatic pinch valve is usually controlled by a high amount of force, high accuracy linear drive along an integrated encoder.

Working procedure 

Their working procedure consists of the following steps: 

  • An average pneumatic Valve usually needs 2.5 BAR to close against no line pressure. Whenever the proportional pinch regulator is supplying 20 MA voltage, the Pinch Valve becomes 100% shutoff. The 4 MA voltage is set to 0 BAR, consequently, the pneumatic Valve would be 100% fully open.
  • 12 MA would equal 1 BAR being provided, which would create a half closure. It is possible to achieve Numerous different positions using the proportional control regulator. On the other hand, the bigger sized bore of the proportional Pinch Valve the more different positions can be achieved.
  • The use of a proportional pressure inch valve is very beneficial for different purposes.  For instance, if someone operates a Pinch Valve for 1 year applying the same MA signal, accomplishing the same outcome of end percentage is within 10% all the time.

Benefits of using proportional pinch valve 

Common benefits of proportional pinch valve are: 

  • Pneumatic valve is Designed for Bio-Pharma, Bio-Processing, Food and Beverage, and Industrial applications. They are very helpful for sterilization and wash down procedures.
  • Proportional needle valve Offers reliability and precise performance while working with hard or larger diameter tubing that usually needs stronger pinch forces. 
  • They are Specifically designed for disposable tubing systems. 
  • There are different models of proportional pinch valves and every model offers an easy snap-in tube slot. In this way, it becomes very quick and easy to load and unload procedures.
  • There are many Optional safety caps on certain models which are useful to address operational hazards.
  • Pneumatic valve is well known for Improving batch yield efficiency and quality.
  • They Provide a robust solution for accurate closed-loop proportional control. 
  • They play a very significant role in precision fluid management.
  • Proportional pinch valves are very compact and cost-effective. 
  • They possess the ability to Control high media or fluid pressures up to the range of 75 psig or 5.2 barg. 
  • They come in many Flexible tubing which has a size limit from 0.063” to 1.625” O.D or 1.6 mm to 41.3 mm.
  • They are capable of Supporting different tubing durometers such as up to 75 Shore A

Why proportional pinch valve

Some of the reasons to use proportional pinch valve are as follows: 

  • They offer Automated Control and Maintain a position with power loss.
  • They have no physical contact with fluid which makes them highly adaptable. 
  • People prefer them as they have a Home sensor that provides digital output for a fully open position with Lower power consumption and No leakage.
  • They usually have Durable construction with a long performance life.


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