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5 Properties for Student Accommodation in Birmingham City

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Student accommodation in Birmingham city: Birmingham City warmly embraces a vibrant tapestry of international students, enriching its cultural fabric. Diverse communities converge here, fostering a global perspective within the city’s educational landscape.

Birmingham’s universities offer a melting pot of academic opportunities, attracting students worldwide. The city’s inclusive atmosphere nurtures cross-cultural exchange, celebrating traditions, languages, and customs from every corner of the globe. International students thrive in this dynamic environment, finding support networks, forging lifelong friendships, and contributing to Birmingham’s cosmopolitan allure.

There are magnificent accommodation options in Birmingham for international students. Here, you will read about 5 wonderful student accommodation properties in this city.

Bentley House

Bentley House is one of the finest properties for student housing Birmingham. It comprises ensuite rooms and studios, and double occupancy options can also be found in studios.

All the studios and ensuite rooms in Bentley House Birmingham comprise study desks and chairs and Wi-Fi internet connections. A study room is also offered to residents for distraction-free studies. The complex of the property boasts a gym for workouts of students. A communal TV is also available for entertainment.

The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station Birmingham also comprises study desks and chairs, a study room, and a Wi-Fi internet connection. Moreover, it boasts a pool table where you can play friendly matches of pool with your co-residents. A gym can also be found here for your fitness. Social events and a social space are the features for the socialization of students.

In the Old Fire Station, you can book ensuite rooms, studios, and student apartments Birmingham.

The Heights

In The Heights Birmingham, you find a gym, garden/courtyard, study room, study desk and chair, television, and social space for socialization, workouts, fresh air, studies, and entertainment. You can enjoy various social events here from time to time. Studios (with both single and double occupancy) and ensuite rooms can be booked in this property.

This private student accommodation Birmingham also comprises car parking and bicycle storage spaces.

Altura Student accommodation in Birmingham city

Altura Birmingham boasts a plethora of amenities for studies, entertainment, fun, comfort, and fitness. You get a study desk and chair, study room, TV, cinema, games room with a pool table, Wi-Fi internet connection, common area, gym, laundry, etc. Social events including some amazing weekly events are organized here.

This is an ideal property where you can book ensuite student rooms Birmingham. Studios with single and double occupancy options are also available here.

Selly Oak Court

Selly Oak Court Birmingham is another student housing property in this city where you get features like a gym, study table and chair, study room, Wi-Fi internet connection, parking, bicycle storage space, garden, laundry room, etc. Other features include a BBQ, TV lounge, games room with a pool table and foosball table, support team, etc.

This property for student accommodation Birmingham comprises ensuite rooms and single-occupancy & double-occupancy studios.


There are numerous other student housing properties in Birmingham apart from the ones mentioned above. You can also choose private rental apartments for your accommodation Birmingham.


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