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Tips For Promoting your Amazon Listing Using Sponsored Ads

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It’s nearly impossible to get new products on Amazon these days without some help. To gain traction in the Amazon marketplace, you need to promote your Amazon listing.

Maybe your product isn’t selling as well as it should. Your Amazon product listing might be promoted to generate more revenue.

Amazon attracts thousands of buyers every day to their site, but to make your product stand out you will need to promote it. Promoting your product will increase traffic and sales.

1. Don’t Go In All Guns Blazing

Amazon PPC is a topic all its own. there are many ways to do it, with different bids and costs. It is important to start small and scale up as you discover what works.

Every click is a cost so make sure you aren’t blindly following your heart. Before you begin, we recommend that you read the most recent Amazon PPC best practices.

2. Monitor Profitability Carefully

Amazon PPC does not guarantee that you will sell more products by simply running it. To get the best traffic, you will need to target the right keywords. You will also need to have a product that converts well in order for your campaigns to be profitable.

Don’t let this discourage you from trying new things. Although PPC may not be profitable at the beginning, it can still be a viable way to promote your Amazon products. It will drive sales and increase your keyword ranking, even if it is a small investment.

Your campaigns can be scaled up if your product is profitable and converts well.

3. Try Running Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning deals can be a great way for you to promote your products on Amazon. These kind of deals can be used to clear stock, increase sales ranking, or launch new products. The promotions are limited in time and buyers can only purchase one of them.

Amazon will feature your product in its “Today’s Deals” section if you offer lightning deals. You will not only gain exposure but Amazon will also use scarcity tactics to encourage further purchases.

To be eligible, ASINs must meet certain criteria. This includes a minimum 20% discount on current list price, 3.5 stars average or higher, and 20+ units in stock You may be charged an additional fee for certain categories.

Tips For Using Social Media to Promote Your Amazon Listing

1. Focus On One Channel At a Time

There are many networks that you should be joining right now. These include Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Focus on the one that best suits your brand and get established there. It is not a good strategy to spread yourself too thinly across multiple networks.

2. Build Your Brand Profile

Take a look at brands similar to yours that are well-established. Learn from their success and create your own style.

It’s social media. Be social, engaging, and fun. It won’t work to sell or run promotions. Consider your audience and share content that will educate, entertain, and persuade them.

3. Leverage Influencers

You can promote your product by using influencers. A good influencer is worth their weight in Gold. It is important to find someone with a strong reputation and a large following who might be interested in your products.

For affiliate and promotional deals, reach out to them directly. Prices can vary depending on the social status of an influencer, so be careful when choosing. You should consider using influencers if you are focusing on Instagram.

4. Run Paid Advertisements

Social Media can be fickle. Unless your content goes viral or an influential person promotes you, your organic reach will be very limited. You might want to run paid marketing campaigns until you have a large following.

If you are a skilled marketer, paid marketing via social media can be extremely effective. If you’re interested in learning more about how to promote Amazon products on social media, here’s a great video.

Tips For Using Blogging to Promote Your Products

1. Create a Blog For Your Brand

It’s worth starting your blog if you care about your brand. Start writing content about your products and categories if you already have a website. You can also outsource this task for a professional writer.

2. Leverage Other Blogs & Websites

Similar to social media influencers you can use other blogs and websites to promote your Amazon listing. Reach out to other websites to see if you can promote your product.

You need to make sure you choose wisely. If you want to drive traffic to your product and sales, consider their audience and traffic.

3. Post Purposefully and Regularly

Your chances of getting new customers increase by publishing new content. Search engines will pick up more content if you have more.

This doesn’t mean that you should just create content for the sake. Make sure you are asking your audience what they want to know and then provide the right content. Your content will be more engaging and attractive to more people.

Tips For Using Email Lists to Promote Amazon Product Listings

1. Harness Your Existing Amazon Customers

You already have an audience that you can use if you are already selling on Amazon. Jump Send is a tool that allows sellers to send automated emails to customers quickly. This is a great way to increase customer reviews and get valuable feedback.

2. Build Your “Own” Audience

It’s possible to collect email addresses if you sell through your own channels. You’ll be able to interact with them in a way that is more convenient for you. This could be done through your own social media channels, storefronts, or any other relevant websites.

3. Create Lead Magnets

You’ll be able to create valuable content for your target audience and win their email address. You should provide useful, but not too much information. This is a great opportunity to show your expertise and knowledge, but also leave people wanting more.

4. Cultivate Your List

If not maintained, an email list can become stale quickly. It is important that people don’t forget who they are and do not receive promotional emails out of the blue. Keep your customers happy if you are building a brand on Amazon.

Tips For Using Amazon Deal Sites To Promote Product Listings

1. Find a Reputable Deal Site

Jump Send is the best platform for this. There are many options. There are many platforms that charge $50 per product. Jump Send allows up to three products at $29.99 each with unlimited email campaigns.

2. Make it a Deal Not a Giveaway

People are looking for bargains. You don’t have to give away your products for free. These promotions are easy to run if you have enough money to cover the cost of your products and Amazon fees.

3. Remember To Follow Up

You should make sure you take advantage of all the extra customers and you have once you’ve promoted your product on a deal website. Jump Send will allow you to send unlimited email campaigns. You might be able gain valuable feedback, reviews, or repeat purchases.

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