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Project QT Mod APK One Hit, Infinite HP, and Character

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Project QT Mod APK One Hit, Infinite HP, and Character

Let’s start playing this exciting and action game, Get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited James Financial Forms in your game record with our recently developed project QT MOD APK (Unlimited Skills). Similarly, get Infinite Arena Honor and Infinite Challenge Coins. In addition to these resources, you’ll find God Mode, High Damage, and Auto Win highlights.

About the game

Is it fair to say that you are associated with experienced games? Do you want to experience the best activity experience games that are nicely animated? Amazing! You hit the convenient place because here you can learn about the game Undertaking QT. It has great highlights that are totally interesting and you will want to appreciate them through this game.

This game is a total activity-stuffed experience game delivered by Nutaku. The organization is known for the great movement games that have been released before and it is an ideal role model with them.

Anyone will feel emotional about the game as he or she begins to play it and will amaze at each of the exceptional highlights that come with this game. Try our latest Unjust 2 MOD.

Game Project QT has a great story that unfolds bit by bit. A player will start playing the game in a place created using great progress.

He will fly to a higher level that is beyond the discipline of the earth

The game will begin with the opening of infinite darkness that countless people interest in thinking about.

The calculation of the game goes by. An analysis of a dark opening at the North Pole of the Earth has taken place. However, it considers an act performed by outsiders.

The player will come out from the opposite end of the dark opening and discover the disguised beast as a beautiful young woman. These animals need to enter the earth and their goal is bad.

This will create a turbulent situation in the world because the animals will cry for the destruction of the people living here. To deal with this problem, a group of young women climbed out of the world. They will try to secure the world and counter-attack the beast young women who must destroy it.

In Project QT Mode APK, you should set up your own group of nice young women from around the world. You should choose the best ones who can fight the beasts and protect the earth from their hooks. Download Project QT MOD APK for Unlimited Coins.

Project QT Mod Features:

Unlimited coins

Unlimited gems

Infinite Arena Respect

Infinite challenge coins

God’s way

High damage

Auto Win

Free download

Completely safe

Compatible with all Android versions

The Project QT Mod APK file is very easy to install

Automatic updates

Auto-sync with games

Project QT storyline

With Project QT, you can get more than just how a puzzle game works. Get ready to take part in the best adventures on this side of the Multiverse! Get the hottest cuties you’ve ever seen, step into the most entertaining world and take on the most exciting battles. Unlock the richer metamorphosis scenes that will take you out of breath as you progress through the levels.

The game is played in a fiction background and the world is evolving in technology and science. Humans have begun research across the globe. So they started learning about cosmic black holes. They started experimenting in the Arctic, but unfortunately, it was linked to another dimension in which aliens exist.

Because of that single experiment, the whole world began to fall into chaos. From the other side of the black hole, a monster girl appears with the intention of invading the planet (Earth). To deal with the situation, a group of girls stood up to fight those girls invading their planet.

Your job in this game is to create a team of girls to protect humanity. These girls are neither skilled nor trained, so as a player you must do your best to train them to protect the planet. Be sure to identify their hidden skills and then train them according to their skills.

Unlock beautiful monster girl

 In every game, beautiful girls are clearly an eye-catching feature that every player loves, and the developers understand it. While playing, all the defeated have become your prisoners.

All defeated teams have a commander while participating in various campaigns. You can add the prisoner girl to your team and use her abilities when needed.

Level up now

To level up quickly, you need to complete the story stage and cover your daily quests. You will earn For level boosts, you will need to earn expensive points (850) at the end of the daily. You need to learn the basics of agriculture, the level of cleaning, and the preparation of girls’ clothes. If you are a new player, you can easily reach level 30 simply by accessing the beginner’s mission.

Various events

You can check your abilities at the events taking place. This game has weekly events. Every time you play, the event always takes turns. You can also enjoy and learn a variety of tactics from these events. This game is highly addictive, so you can easily play it 24 hours a day without getting bored.

Play with friends

This game allows you to connect globally. That means you can invite friends and family online. You can participate in PvP events and battles online, and team up with your friends. It’s an action-packed game, so adventure with your friends and others around the world.

Create your own map

One of the great features is the ability to create maps accordingly. The choice is up to the player and you can create the map to your liking. Those who have no knowledge of play can easily understand the story and play.

If you are a beginner, this game has tutorials that will help you master this Mod APK.


Project QT rate as one of the best-animated graphics games. All characters are uniquely designed, look like chibi style in combat, and are very cute and attractive. All characters look different from other characters. So this won’t be boring for you. Except for battle, it is drawn by a skilled manga artist.

Game details

Project QT gameplay isn’t as difficult as it looks

However, it takes time to learn. The basic rule of this game is to protect humanity from surviving on Earth. As a player, you need to form a team of beautiful monster girls and train them best to participate in the battle. During the battle, up to 8 girls can use in the battle.

Player Arena requires you to use all actions of trained girls, such as special attacks and regular attacks. There are various challenges waiting for you. After winning these challenges, you can unlock new parts.

After overcoming these challenges, players will reward and the rewards will vary. Rewards can be rare materials that can be of great help in strengthening a player’s girl, or they can be special items that provide greater rewards.

Monster girls can divide into different races and unique traits, such as personality, strength, skill, and weakness. Each girl ranks between 1 and 5. Obviously, the higher the rank, the greater the power. This rank plays a big role in the appearance of girls. However, higher ranks require girls to accompany players in many battles, and there are other specific conditions for ranking. Visit MAXDROID to see more games. Thanks and have a nice day

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