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Programmed Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

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NP-RL Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine, likewise called vertical Labeling Machine, is an application for the naming scope of round Bottles. NPACK is the Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine that is the easiest to use. The Machine is utilized for complete/incomplete fold-over Labeling on various sizes of round compartments. It is fit for Labeling up to 150 cases each minute, depending on items and name size. The programmed model is outfitted with a roller separating gadget, bringing about an easy “No change parts required.”


The automatic round bottle labelling machine is fabricated with exactness and solidness, including an item transmission framework, mark container unit, wrapping unit, programmable rationale control board, electric board, and other progressed highlights intended to convey proficiency and adequacy in the creation cycle. All security components of the Machine have been considered, including covering the relative multitude of moving parts.

The passing of the framework is effectively flexible according to the item necessities. This framework is furnished with a solid AC variable drive that conveys the necessary force during activity. A creative mechanized framework guarantees a uniform separation from one item to the next. The cosmetics parts of this gear have been sourced from great makers to ensure solidness and most minor support.


  • Stable-Adapt Siemens PLC control and Panasonic servo engine Driven mark for Machine working steadily and name precision. It is superior and has high productivity.
  •  Easy Operation- The touch screen can be in English, Spanish, French, Russian, and other languages. It is a simple activity and can be associated with different machines to create bundling lines.
  •  High exactness Accuracy from +-0.5-1mm. Wide application range: Widely utilizing the Bottle width from 25mm to 120mm, Bottle height 25mm. To 300mm, If tweaked tallness of 10mm-150mm, length of 15mm-300mm, if it’s not too much trouble, mercifully ask us.
  •  High speed-Speed max can arrive at 150 bottles per min, subject to the marked size and Bottle size.
  •  Europe standard-The automatic sticker machine is made by CE standard, Taiwan innovation.


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