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We are a cardboard manufacturer where you can buy everything from a single source. production of packaging is ideal for packaging systems and is postage optimized. SM Custom Packaging provides you with everything you need to ship goods at fair prices folding boxes, shipping boxes, adhesive and packing tapes, the maxi letter, and folding boxes. Packaging Cardboard box with hinged lid for packages and parcels.

As a cardboard box manufacturer, we offer you various cardboard packaging, including the maxi letterbox. The Maxi brief cardboard box is the ideal packaging for the secure and protected shipping of various items up to A4 format. The material used for the production is 1-flute corrugated cardboard in E-flute. The box is made in one piece for quick assembly without additional packing material. All cardboard packaging from our company is stable and protective outer packaging designed for parcel transport with DHL and Hermes. Furthermore, all of our parcel boxes can be palletized.

Outer packaging such as corrugated cardboard boxes, folding boxes, the cardboard packaging in all standard sizes is ideal for all items that are to be packed. Depending on the application area, our outer packaging is made from other cardboard or single walled cardboard in B and E waves. The cardboard packaging can be stored easily and inexpensively in a particularly space saving manner. Even when assembled, the individual boxes fit one into the other and can be stacked securely and stably. Get custom burger boxes at SM Custom Packaging it is a good option  burger boxes for takeout and frozen burgers with free design support and free shipping.

The highest standard for you folding boxes of all sizes

Regardless of the size of the goods, fragile, sensitive or robust, heavy or light, the packaging from the cardboard box manufacturer is the best packaging solution for your goods in shipping, transport, storage, or for the protection of all products. As a cardboard box manufacturer, we are professionals when packaging material and supply all of our customers with high quality cardboard boxes to satisfy them. Our boxes are available in various sizes. We have many cardboard variants and sizes in stock depending on your needs, from the small maxi letter cardboard to large cardboard boxes. In addition, we have the standard cardboard boxes in brown for you and the other packaging requirements to pack, transport, store and protect your products.

You can order the following products here in the online offer

The 1-corrugated cardboard boxes are very inexpensive. The standard format is particularly suitable for the storage and shipping of lightweight products. Thanks to first class craft, each box is resilient, depending on the design, and is as stable as safe. The boxes, including the Maxi brief boxes, are inexpensive due to your flat delivery I delivery costs. The maxi letterbox for shipping and transporting false light goods such as electronics and books. The cardboard manufacturer adapts our cardboard packaging to the ever growing requirements and standards of retailers, shipping companies, and consumers. In addition to ensuring safety when transporting the goods, they above all guarantee simple and practical handling.

We always keep an eye on the following factors

  • optimal product protection
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Reduced handling effort
  • Easy storage
  • Easy access to the products
  • Convenient transportation

Always the right size at hand

We always try to meet your requirements. As a cardboard box manufacturer, we are constantly working to optimize our products to meet your requirements. Our cardboard packaging is ideal for stowing, transporting, and storing. Our cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes are ideal for a wide range of tasks and many purposes. The right product can be found for every need. A decisive factor that should have the greatest influence on the choice of the required box is, first and foremost, the size. Depending on the content to be packed, the different box sizes, which always have to offer the best possible storage space, are to be kept in stock. Two important properties make our folding boxes real space savers they can be stacked easily when closed and stored flat when empty, when not in use. Thanks to this, they only take up a minimal amount of storage space. You can choose from a wide range of shipping and maxi letterboxes and mailboxes in various sizes for shipping your goods. Even items that are sensitive to impact can be stowed away with a clear conscience in sturdy cardboard boxes made of single walled cardboard.

Well it was packaged without compromise

Please do not make any compromises when it comes to the safe transport, shipping, or storage of your high quality goods or documents whether standard box, folding box, post box, maxi letterbox In our extensive range, there is guaranteed to be the right solution for you As a cardboard box manufacturer, we know about all transport problems. Many ingenious extras make working with our cardboard boxes easy: The hinged lid with a locking flap, for example, makes it easy to close. With us, you can be sure to buy the right cardboard box for every product. We also offer you a comprehensive selection of adhesive tapes and sealing materials as a cardboard box manufacturer. SM Custom Packaging offer eco friendly bath bomb packaging in every size and style with your artwork printed on it.


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