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GMP is the term that is used for good manufacturing practices and this certification implies that the manufacture has adhered to international GMP standards. It ensures that the products are manufactured in accordance to the quality standards. It is mainly used for natural and pharmaceutical products manufacturing and ensure that the product is safe. Sgs GMP certification ensures the company is ensuring propercompliance with the food safety regulations.If a company fails to comply with GMP than it can attract some serious trouble in terms of fine, seizure or jail. GMP certification gives competitive advantage to manufacturers. It improves the brand value and helps in ensuring customer satisfaction by them safe and superior quality product and service. Below we will discuss few steps that are involved in the process to get GMP certification.

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  • Application: the first step involves drafting an application that contains all the basic information regarding the company and the application must be accepted by the certification body.
  • Review: The firm must review that the compliance requirements are being fulfilled.  
  • Self-audit: Prior to certification the firm should ensure that they perform extensive self-audit before the certification audit to assess and identify any gaps in compliance. This can be performed internally or externally by hiring consultants with expertise.  
  • Corrective action: After self-audit the firm should take corrective actions to correct any deficiencies in compliance that have been identified. 
  • Documentation: The firm should ensure that they have all the necessary documents with them. Documentation should be checked to make sure that they fulfill the compliance requirements.
  • Certification audit: Once the firm is confident that they are fully complied with GMP standards and any requirement that is related to certification. They can schedule the certification audit.
  • Surveillance audit: It is performed every six months or one year from the date of issuance of certification to ensure that the firm meets all the requirements of management system.
  • Recertification: Once a certificate is issued it is valid for a time period of three years. Recertification is the process that is done very three years which involves reviewing, correcting and verifying the organization practice and documentations related to compliance requirements.

GMP certification consultants in Erodehelp the firms to avoid threat that can arise due to their operations. GMP covers from production process to personal hygiene and training of employees. A low quality product can be harmful for the consumer. GMP ensures that the manufactured products are safe to consume. GMP certification helps the firm in improving its overall public image and credibility in the market. It also helps in gaining the customers trust. Few basic principles of GMP are clean and hygienic manufacturing space, clearly defined and controlled manufacturing procedure, trained operators, proper and timely maintained records and more. These practices safeguard the health of consumer. Poor quality products are expensive in long run. GMP ensures good quality product. Anyone can find details about GMP online on a number of websites. A number of countries have their own GMP requirements based on WHO GMP. GMP prevents mistakes that cannot be removed after the product has been manufactured.


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