Priorities of Students & parents during online Schooling

online Schooling

Online schooling presents incredible changes and opportunities for teachers, parents, and students. Pandemic changes in the environment are a reason for great resilience as learning moves from home to school and back again.

As a parent, you’ve always tried to stay attached to your child’s school life and education. And you always ask how his/her day went. You keep an eye on your child’s grades and you help him/her with home-work. And most importantly you keep in touch with his/her teachers. If you are based in the U.A.E. one of the best options for your child’s schooling is iCademy Middle East which is a NEASC-accredited American international school of Dubai. But every parent’s situation is completely different as per the logistics surroundings. That how to manage your child’s online schooling as well as still getting all of your work done which will vary depending on: 

  • How long your child will be learning through online school.
  • What is your child’s age?
  • Whether not, you have the relaxation to work from home.

We can say, every person has different circumstances and a more independent and focused education from home is easier for some parents and students than others. Some parents are worried about their child’s education because they are not satisfied with online schooling. So, you can visit the iCademy Middle East which is part of the Pansophic Learning Group (an international education company). All those benefits which you want in traditional schooling are in our American school in Dubai. They learn from students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 and are approved by KHDA. And they teach the students at home with the help of certified subject specialist teachers. Our programs are tailored to support individual, structured learning, and self-paced. Teachers have been working hard all year to develop comprehensive online learning plans. They can meet complex and new demands for students at home or classroom also. So, some priorities on the part of parents and students are below:

Help students with their learning:

No one expects parents to be educational, content matter experts and full-time teachers. Provide encouragement and support and expect your child to do their part. Parents should be allowed the struggling and always encouraged but don’t help too much because becoming independent takes lots of practice. At ICademy Middle East, your child mostly engages with other students. So, these social interactions will continue from a gap, but they will be different.

Select the place for learning:

The second priority of the parents is to regulate the learning space for occasional homework that might not work for extended periods. And set up a physical location that’s allocated to school-focused activities. But make sure, it is free from distractions, quiet, and has a better internet connection. Parents make sure that adult monitors must be in an online class.

Manage the time:

All those families of different ages, and parents who may also be working from home usually, it’s a better option to build in some time quietly. Siblings may need to work or learn in a separate room to avoid distraction. Many families use devices to negotiate with others, priorities for wi-fi, etc. but noise-controlled headphones are also available. You should plan one day a week for low-stress and independent learning for your child.

Encourage exercise and physical activities:

Learning, working, and living at home, we will all need to leave the rooms. And moving together or alone is vital to health, readiness, and well-being for learning. There is an opportunity to practice exercising with the online instructor and digital workout. Set your new fitness plan and goal, life-ready activities that keep your hands busy, your feet moving, and your minds engaged. Now, as a parent, you think about how your children can do this but it’s a good time to think about increasing personal responsibilities as well.

Parent, Children Engagement:

It’s your responsibility that teachers should communicate regularly through our online learning environments. So, make sure that every student knows how to find the help they need to be successful. Stay in contact with teachers and classroom, school counselors, and leaders but parents understand it may take a day for us to respond.

Checking the entire day ends:

When the day starts, parents should ask about, what subject do you have today, have you any assessments, what resources do you need today. Ask your child how the day ends. Like what did you explore today or what was hard today, how far did you get in your education tasks? And what could I do to make it better tomorrow etc? These are the brief conversations that matter. 

As a parent or a guardian, it’s your responsibility to check the process instructions which they received from their teachers and it helps them to manage themselves and set the priorities for the older students. For checks, the routine methods can help avoid later disappointments and challenges. They help student’s executive functioning and self-discipline which is the essential skill for life because parents are the best life coaches.

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