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Prevent Time Theft With a Digital And Mobile Online Time Clock

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Time theft is one of the most challenging things for businesses to overcome if they are still using manual timekeeping methods. With no way to verify who is clocking in and what they are doing, stealing time is easy for employees to do, whether intentional or accidental. Thankfully, a digital and mobile online time clock has many benefits and features preventing or eliminating time theft.

Let’s look at some ways that using digital and mobile online time clock software can help you keep your employees honest and accountable for their time.

Easier Clock in and Out

One of the reasons time theft is so easy to commit without an online time clock is because there is no way to verify who is clocking in and who isn’t. Not having a way to validate identity means that things like buddy punching, punching in, and handling personal business and other theft methods are easy to commit and difficult to catch.

With an online timecard system that’s digital and mobile, each employee’s punch is unique and logged automatically. Employees can clock in or out quickly and efficiently, but since everything is tracked automatically and each employee’s clock is unique, the ability to “buddy punch” is eliminated. Since the team time tracking process is much easier and hours are accounted for, employees are typically more productive.

When workers know that their time and productivity are being monitored, they are far less likely to slack off or avoid working, as was the case with manual timekeeping.

More Accurate Timekeeping

Besides being easier to clock in and out, an online time clock counts employee time down to the minute. One of the easiest ways to commit time theft through manual timekeeping is by falsifying timesheets. There is also the issue of human error in general, where information is entered incorrectly on accident.

Online timesheet software eliminates both these problems because it handles both aspects of the problem automatically. In addition, when employees submit their time cards for approval, they must first go to their manager for final approval to ensure everything looks correct. Finally, since time is kept automatically and submitted to payroll, there is no risk of human error in the recording process.

More accurate timekeeping means faster and more precise pay for employees. Ensuring employees are paid on time and in the correct amount each pay period can boost employee confidence and morale, improving productivity.

Manage Overtime

One of the most significant expenses for businesses is overtime wages. While overtime is sometimes necessary to get things done, too much overtime can drain a company’s labor budget. One of the worst types of time theft is overtime theft. This can happen by falsifying time sheets or simply taking longer than is necessary to complete assigned tasks.

With manual timekeeping, businesses have no real way to check and see if overtime is required. Since overtime wages must be paid once an employee works over a certain number of hours, businesses are left with little recourse.

There are a couple of ways that an online time clock can help alleviate these issues. First, a mobile and digital timesheet management solution can track time from anywhere and allow notifications to be sent to managers and employees when they’ve reached their scheduled hours. This means that no matter what happens, employers will know when an employee is about to hit overtime and can then judge whether the overtime is necessary.

Real-time notifications regarding overtime also allow them to make adjustments on the fly, send employees home, and bring in employees who aren’t about to hit overtime. They can also determine if there is a legitimate staffing or training issue that needs to be addressed. Being able to address these issues early can not only prevent time theft but improve productivity.

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