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Preparation To Take Before Bariatric Surgery

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Obesity has been a big issue for most people, and bariatric surgery is a boon for them trying to reduce their weight through multiple medical treatments. But certain guidelines need to be followed before undergoing this surgery. Since it is one of the life-altering surgeries, it requires the presence of a physically fit patient. This article focuses on the concept of bariatric surgery and how to prepare yourself before undergoing such surgery.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a technique used to reduce the excess weight of a  person due to obesity. Obesity is a condition that occurs due to alterations in hormones and overeating. By performing this surgery, the patient will be subjected to procedures like bypass, gastrectomy, biliopancreatic diversion, and duodenal switch. The doctors analyze the health condition of the patient and choose the appropriate procedure.

But regardless of such a unique procedure, there are some preparations that the patients should undergo before the surgery. These procedures will prepare the patient for the surgery both mentally and physically. This is a hormonal surgery where the surgeon alters the hormone level of the gut to reduce food consumption and hunger. This procedure can reduce a lot of weight and also has shown results of reversing diabetes. Studies have also indicated this weight loss surgery can reduce cardiovascular disorders and mortality rates.

Preparations before surgery

Before surgery, there are certain preparations that the patients should follow for better results, and here are those tips:

Constant exercise

Having a regular workout routine is essential for everyone, including bariatric patients. So maintaining a regular workout routine that reduces at least 1200 calories per day will improve the effectiveness of the surgery. It is always good to discuss these criteria with your doctor before pursuing them. But, avoid performing these exercises for a few days after surgery. Continuing immediately with strenuous exercises will disrupt the process of recovery.

Proper diet

When we mean proper diet, it means a nutrition-filled diet. Some people try to eat as much as possible before the surgery to quench their love for food. But in reality, the patients must follow a proper diet chart. For better output, consult a well-experienced nutritionist to formulate a diet plan for the next six months before surgery. The diet plan should also avoid unnecessary trans fat and other poor-quality fat items. This diet plan will also indicate the eating disorders within your body. Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks before surgery as they might be harmful to hormonal treatment.

Doctor appointments

The surgeons will not immediately start surgery on your body. Along with the regular diet plan and exercise, the patient will also have regular doctor appointments. This is necessary to monitor the health conditions and make changes in the diet if necessary. The patients should also avoid drinking and smoking for a few weeks before bariatric surgery.

Lifestyle classes

Most hospitals have pre-planned lifestyle classes that the patients can attend for six months before the surgery. Instead of preparing yourself at home, these classes might be useful. Most classes have an expert nutritionist and trainer to offer constant guidance on the path towards the surgery.

Pre-op requirements

The 6-month initiative is to prepare your body mentally and physically. Similarly, preoperative preparations are the things that need to be done before surgery. The surgeons will run a complete blood test along with the chemistry panel to ensure the patient’s health. After completing all the required tests, the patients will be subjected to a fast for 12 hours before surgery.

All these requirements are essential for maintaining decent health before the surgery. Patients who try to avoid such procedures can become stressed out and will not have the body fit for such surgeries. Joining a lifestyle class offered by the hospitals and other physicians will improve the body structure. For most people, this might seem like a simple surgical procedure. In reality, it requires regular preparation and strength to pass out of the surgery with a successful weight loss. It’s not just pre-op, but it is also necessary to maintain regular post-op appointments. So follow the exact procedure to improve your health and to maintain a decent result after the surgery.


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