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Precautions for purchasing speakers

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Precautions for purchasing speakers

Speakers, also called “horns” are very commonly used electro-acoustic transducer devices, which can be seen in sound-producing electronic and electrical equipment. When purchasing, there are some precautions you should pay attention to which are collected by Easybom. With the hope that people can choose the speaker they satisfy most, Easybom has provided the following information.

1. Power

The power of the speaker can be large or small, and it must select appropriately according to the radio. The output power of general semiconductor radios is relatively small, about 200 milliwatts or less; the output power of five or six lamp electronic tube radios is 0.5 watts, but the volume can be maximized to 2 watts.

Therefore, attention must pay to the power of the speaker to avoid damage due to improper use. Usually, the power of the speaker indicates on the trademark. If there is no trademark on the speaker, you can roughly estimate its power based on its aperture size. Generally, the power of a speaker with an aperture of 130 mm is 1 watt; 165 mm is 2 watts; 200 mm is 3 watts; 65 mm is 1/4 watts (250 milliwatts).

2. Impedance

When the impedance select properly, the radio can supply the speaker with the maximum undistorted power and the sound quality is also good. Otherwise, because the output impedance of the final output transformer of the radio does not match the input impedance of the speaker The power will not be output normally, and distortion will cause at the same time.

Usually, the impedance specification also indicates on the speaker’s trademark. If there is no indication on the trademark, you can use the following simple method: use a meter to measure the DC resistance of the speaker’s voice coil, and then multiply it by 1.2 times to get the impedance of the speaker. For example, if we measure the DC resistance to be 3 ohms, the impedance value is 3.6 ohms. It must note that this method is not suitable for reed speakers.

3. Sound quality

Since there are many varieties of speakers of the same size. Which produce different manufacturers, appropriate selection can obtain different sound quality effects. Generally speaking, if you like to listen to bass when buying, you should pay attention to choosing speakers with deeper and more wrinkled rings on the edge of the speaker cone, and with a thinner edge of the cone. If you like to listen to high pitches, you should choose a harder paper cone.

4. Volume

This indicates the size of the sound produced by the speaker when a certain amount of electric power is input. The louder the sound is, the higher the sensitivity of the speaker is. When purchasing, you can connect several speakers to the radio and then compare them to distinguish the volume.

5. Other precautions

Pay attention to whether the paper cone of the speaker is eccentric, so as to avoid the mechanical sound of the speaker when it is working. The way to check is to evenly press down on the paper cone with your hands and gently press down to hear if there is a click. Also, pay attention to whether there are cracks on the speaker cone. Usually, it is easy to crack at the corrugated ring of the paper cone. The method of inspection is to look at the speaker from the back to the light.

If there is a crack, it is easy to find. In addition, please pay attention to check whether the solder tabs are active when purchasing as to avoid short circuits during work. The main advantage of the oval speaker is that it is suitable for use in televisions, tape recorders, and other machines, because its paper cone is long and flat, which saves more space. In terms of sound quality, it is not better than round ones.

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