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Practice These Yoga Poses To Treat Sciatica

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If you are someone who has suffered from Sciatica in the past, you are well-aware of its negative impact on your life. With more than 20% of the world’s population suffering from this painful condition it is clear the issue is not to be taken lightly. For starters, this medical condition starts from yoga for sciatica nerve that goes from your lower back to down one or both your legs.

Lucking, you have yoga for Sciatica to take care of this issue. However, with so many yoga styles available it is a bit hard for you to know which one is the best. Yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-do yoga poses that can treat Sciatica.

However, before we move ahead, first let us tunderstand what Sciatica is.

Sciatica – In Brief

Sciatica is a stinging pain that occurs in your buttocks and legs. This painful condition occurs due to irritation or compression of the root of the sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve starts from the lower back and goes down the legs to provide them with sensation.

When your sciatic nerve gets compressed due to issues like slipped or herniated disc it leads to a severe pain in your buttocks and legs. The pain is so bad in some cases that it creates a problem even in walking.

However, that is not all. There are two major reasons for this painful condition.

Herniation Of Lumbar Disc

The lumbar discs are the disc-shaped cartridges in your lower spine. These get herniated due to excess stress, disease, and trauma. You should know that more than 80% of cases of Sciatica occur due to this issue.

Piriformis Syndrome

Although this a lesser known cause of Sciatica, the Piriformis Syndrome is a condition that occurs due to a spasm of small muscles below the lower muscles of your buttocks. These spasms irritate the sciatic nerve.

However, there is no need to worry as yoga is here to help you come out of this painful condition. You should enroll in a yoga poses for beginners class to know the right yoga asanas to treat this issue.

Yoga Poses For Sciatica

The best part about inculcating yoga into your daily life is its completely natural. It does not requires any medications or expensive medical examinations. Moreover, there are no brisk movements or high impact motions in yoga.

Yoga poses that stretch your hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes are helpful in taking care of lower back pain and Sciatica.

With that said, let us check out the yoga poses to help you treat this issue.

Child’s Pose

Best yoga asana to relax your entire body, the Child’s Pose stretches and lengthens your spine. It promotes flexibility, and opens your thighs and lower back.

Steps To Practice Child’s Pose
  • Start on all fours on the yoga mat.
  • Bring your knees together and keep your hips closer to heels.
  • Extend your arms in the front. You can also let them relax by the side of your body.
  • Relax your torso. Relax your head on the yoga mat.
  • Focus on deep breathing and relax your entire body.
  • Hold this position for some time.

Cobra Pose

If you are looking for a yoga for Sciatica asana that gives your back a good stretch and also improves your flexibility, practice the Cobra Pose.

Steps To Practice Cobra Pose
  • Lie down on your stomach on the yoga mat or floor.
  • Keep your hands directly under your shoulders.
  • Bring your elbows closer to your body.
  • Inhale and lift your head, chest, and shoulders.
  • Keep a slight bend in your elbows. Open up your chest.
  • Engage your thighs, abdominals, and lower back.
  • Hold this position for half a minute.
  • Release the pose. Rest.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose stretches your spine, relieves pain and tension. This yoga asana has a stimulating effect on your circulation. Moreover, it provides your legs, glutes, and core with many benefits.

Steps To Practice Bridge Pose
  • Lie down on your back.
  • Bend your knees and bring your heels in towards your hips.
  • Keep your arms alongside your body with your palms facing down.
  • Lift your spine off the floor. Keep raising your hips as high as possible.
  • Place a block between your knees and thighs to maintain alignment.
  • Lower down your back on the floor.
  • Relax.


Sciatica is a painful condition that can wreak havoc on your physical health in the long run. Enroll in a yoga for Sciatica class to take care of this issue.


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