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Poweroak AC50 Portable Power Station Review Battery Capacity & Functionality

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When it comes to the selection of great portable solar generators, then choosing Poweroak AC50 is one such generator which is the top recommended one. This generator work as the machine based one which is available with the battery along with the solar charge controllers and the inverted rolled which is part of it. It is easy to charge the generator by simply plugging it within the main socket. Plus, it is also easy to get it connected into the external solar panels too. Apart from it, you will find it available with the 12V DC charging points and with the access of 230V AC plug sockets.


This reliable PowerOak AC50 is included with internal lithium battery which is placed along with the solar charge controller. Plus, it is also having a pure since wave inverter as well. For the long lasting use, the solar model is offering you with the powerful battery management system with which you can use it for long hours.

All the details about the charging condition are visible on the LED display screen which is fully covered with various charge points. To easily have it move around from one place to another, it has a carrying handle on it top. Back side of generator unit has an integrated light as well.

Battery Capacity

Now let’s talk about the battery capacity of this generator model! As regard the battery is concerned, this generator model has a 500Wh lithium battery. The battery is having enough capacity with which you can easily charge your laptop 8 times in a day. Phone charging is also possible with the 10W charger for at least 50 times.

Power Input

This PowerOak Bluetti AC50 is capable enough to get charged in three various ways. First one is within main power wall plug for at least 8 hours. Second is the use of car cigarette lighter with which you can charge ~50% from around 12V input. Last way would be plugging into the external solar panels with 10W to charge for maximum 10 hours.

Wireless Charging Plate

230V is actually the main power which is hence rather supplied through the internal pure sine wave of 300W inverter. In this charging plate, the unit can easily charge with the 2 main products with the total wattage of under 300W.

What is the recommended usage?

We all know that Poweroak 500wh is yet the best option for all those who are not in favor to put enough of their investment into the manufacturing of complex electrical system. By getting it paired with solar panel, Poweroak 1500wh comes out to be the reliable and excellent system of off-grid setup in which there is no need to get into the installation requirements.

In short, it is excellent to use as a backup for those people who are lower with the capacity of electrical system or might face some lack of electricity. It has the weight of 6kg which is lightweight and portable enough for the easy movement. This makes it a great option to use during the camping or trips.

Pick this reliable and affordable solar generator model right now!


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