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Poweroak 1500wh Solar Power Generator to Make Your Journey Special

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We all know that how much advanced and innovative the portable batteries are and they are extremely helpful when you are into some off-grid locations. These batteries will work great if you are not having enough power around you to charge the batteries. If you are into some trekking, picnic or outdoor activities, choosing portable batteries with something which stays with you 24/7 for extra fun and convenience!

Review on Poweroak 1500wh Solar Power Generator

To have an amazing and an effective solar power system by your side, choosing Poweroak 1500Wh is something which is the best option. This solar power system is available with the solar charge controller, AC-DC charger, as well as lithium ion battery with the advanced BMS, and all those features which you need to give your device a full power. They are great to be used for both office and home purposes to avail 24/7 power.

Using the Poweroak 2400wh gives you a great convenience if you are of the power in such locations where the power is not available. It is also helpful in lowering your electricity billing and will be able to exceed the solar energy to easily grid for profit. The great thing is that it is available with the independence from utility grid and hence security of the emergency backup. This makes it easy for you to use it at any hour or any time of the day.

You should try Poweroak PS6 which is a great power battery charger for the easily transportation to charge the appliances without any hassle. Don’t miss the chance to take it without during travel time.

Tips to Consider for Choosing Solar Power System

Below we are discussing few of the important tips which you need to consider when picking solar generator system for your personal use:

1. Power Output

Power output of the solar system will be based on how much of the energy or the wattage it can produce. You have to choose the model with the power output on the basis of the fact that how many devices you will charge on daily basis.

2. Charge Controller

Majority of the solar panel models are available with the built-in charge controller. You can also name it to be charge moderator which is helpful to simply moderate the current or voltage of the solar system. This component is also helpful in extending the entire battery life of the system. You should look for the systems available with the MPPT charge controllers.

3. Expandability

Once you get the solar power, you should know about the panels you need for the system. With the element of expandability, it gives you an idea about how many panels to add in the solar configuration regarding the modular systems which can connect more quantity of panels.

4. Conversion Efficiency

Last factor is about the conversion efficiency rating with which you can figure out how much of the sunlight will be able to hit the solar panels to get it converted into usable energy. Hence, any panel with the conversion efficiency of around 20% is considered to be of high-efficiency.


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