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Best Possible Ways to Improve English for Competitive Exam

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A casual survey among candidates states that quant demands smartness, reasoning requires common sense, general awareness needs good memory. When it comes to english language, they are heedless regarding what to do. English language section is the most scoring section of competitive exams. Being dextrous in this section can help you clear a competitive exam with flying colours. Qualifying a competitive exam is the only way to secure a government job in India. Therefore, earning a government job demands onerous efforts and smart skills. You can make the whole process easy for you by preparing for an exam section-wise. 

Every year numerous candidates appear for bank exams. Are you one of them? If yes, link with a brilliant institute that offers proficient bank coaching in Delhi. Every bank exam has english language section.  If you are incognizant about how to prepare for it, this article will offer you splendid help. Try to believe it, acing this section can help you score high numbers in any competitive exam. Now you must be pondering, how is this possible? All you need to do is follow some valuable tips jotted down here. 

Follow these fruit-bearing ways to improve english for competitive exams:

  1. Inculcate habit of reading

Inculcating reading habits can help you in magnifying your english language. Reading can flex your mind and will help you write excellent passages in any competitive exam. You can pick the novels that are interesting and can captivate you for a longer period of time. This could be entertainment plus learning. Try to put your hands on books by famous authors. Doing this will surely help you advance your english language skills. You’ll notice improvement in your vocabulary. Moreover, your perspective will widen after reading plenty of books.

Additionally, you can read a english newspaper daily. It will be like shooting two birds with a single arrow. Reading newspapers daily will surely increase your vocabulary, but also your general knowledge as well.  

  1. Learn new words daily

Vocabulary is a vital part of english language. There’s a chance that you’ll have to answer at least four to five vocabulary questions. It is advisable to learn at least five new words daily. Also, learn synonyms and antonyms of those words. Are you confused regarding how to memorize new questions daily? Calm yourself. We’ll offer you help on that. 

Firstly, maintain a separate note-book for vocabulary. Note your daily vocab along with antonyms and synonyms. Devote at least 30 minutes each day to learn new words. Additionally, invest 10 minutes revising the words you have learnt already. 

Currently, the government of Punjab has issued a plethora of job notifications. You need to crack a competitive exam to secure one. If you are aiming to secure any of the govt jobs in Punjab, do your best to crack the exam. 

  1. Polish your grammar

The only way to improve your english is by brushing up your english. Have in-depth knowledge of english grammar. Try to have good hand over articles, conjunctions, prepositions, tenses etc. Some candidates are adept enough to improve themselves. Whereas, others need proper nourishment. Thus, you can seek help from a well-known source that provides proficient english classes.

  1. Practicing mock tests

Mock tests are the best way to ace competitive exam preparation. You can practice at least two mock tests each day to improve your english. Moreover, solving mock tests will make you simulate exam experience. This way you’ll become more confident to appear for the exam. Solving mock tests can improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. Additionally, it will help in lowering the risk of negative marking in the exam.

  1. Watch english movies

There’s not a single person who dislikes watching movies. Why not use this thing for your benefit? All you need to do is change the language of movies. There are a number of english movies loved worldwide. You can choose to watch biographies of some famous personalities. It will be motivating as well as learning. This is the best way to make your learning process interesting. So, whenever you feel bored, binge watch english movies or web series. 

  1. Listen to podcasts

The most effective way to learn english is by listening to podcasts. You can make a habit of listening to some motivational podcasts. It will help you learn new ways to represent your ideas. This way you’ll be able to write impressive passages in the exam. There are umpteen apps that provide knowledgeable podcasts. Download them and polish your english. 

  1. Seek help of a reliable platform

English is an easy language for some candidates, while others find it hard. Do you face problems while preparing for english section? If yes, seek help from a reliable platform that imparts best english classes. It will help you in enhancing your english reading, writing and speaking skills. So, try to pick an illustrious institute that can help you excel in english language. It will help you in other domains of life. 

SSC CGL is the most desirable exam among students. It’s quite hard to prepare for this exam on your own. You can seek help from a renowned institute that caters excellent SSC coaching in Delhi


The easiest and most neglected section of any competitive exam is english section. Try to dedicate quality time to prepare for this section. Attaining proficiency over this section can help you score high in exams. There are many candidates who find it difficult to prepare for this section. Are you one of them? If yes, go through the aforementioned points. You’ll be able to perform well in the english section. Also, it is advisable to prepare for every competitive exam section-wise.


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