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Porch design ideas that make everybody wonder

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Front porches are great for creating a cohesive look that extends into the yard. This could be as simple as painting the porch the same color as the exterior trim. But it could also be as detailed as carefully crafting a well-planned “door to your home” using elements like outdoor seating, potted plants, flower boxes, wind chimes, doormats and well-placed lighting.

When decorating your front porch, you want to strike the right balance between making it welcoming and making sure it doesn’t look cluttered. While each house is various, there are some design elements that work well in almost any home.

Some porch decorating ideas are simple or quick to do, while others may take more time. But all are worth the effort if only to give your home’s exterior a little extra charm. We’ve found ideas for front-porch decor that range from the really easy, like hanging an outdoor wreath, to the much more involved.

Feel free to steal our ideas from the following lines!

Top tips

Make the most of your space with these porch decorating ideas:

1. Don’t get caught up in matching.

2. Go for color contrast.

3. Pay attention to scale and proportion.

4. Generate interest with unconventional elements.

5. Think beyond pillows and plants.

6. Make it your own with personal touches and custom touches.

First impressions matter!

One of the most significant things about decorating your front porch is making sure the front door is visible. You don’t want visitors to your home to have trouble spotting the entrance! If you have a more spacious porch, consider placing small tables with potted plants next to the door. This will make sure that people can see where to go when they visit.

Choose comfortable and elegant furniture

Aesthetic appeal is important for front porches because they serve as an extension of the home and how you greet guests into your home. A swing can bring life and movement into an otherwise static space—the gentle swaying and creaking of the wood help create ambience and character that would otherwise be missing from your entryway.

You don’t have to fill your porch with furniture to make it comfortable. A porch swing is a classic addition that many homeowners seek to include in their design plans. If you’re unable to install a swing, consider building a simple bench or chair set that adds an extra layer of comfort for guests who choose to linger on your porch.

Make it good enough to just sit out there. This can be as simple as placing a few chairs out on the porch or as elaborate as adding a BBQ grill and outdoor TV. The important thing is you have something that makes you want to spend time there—whether it’s relaxing, reading a book or hosting a party.

Pergolas are in trend

If you’re lucky enough to have a large front porch, it may be the perfect spot for a pergola. This will add an element of interest to your front entry and make it more inviting.

Pergolas in Sydney are great for your porches because they help to expand the space. They don’t just add a little shade, either. Pergolas can actually allow you to add extra seating or even a fire pit for some added ambience.

With a front porch pergola, you can create a more welcoming entry while also expanding your space. With some carefully chosen outdoor furniture and lighting, you can add on some outdoor living space for entertaining or relaxing with friends and family. It’s easy to include some bistro-style chairs on one side of the pergola, and even create separate spaces with rustic benches or hanging chairs. Add in some lanterns or strings of lights overhead to complete the look for an evening outdoors under the stars.

Natural look

A more free-form, natural look can be achieved by grouping the plants in various patterns on the steps.

If you like to garden, this is a great place to show off your green thumb! Potted plants or flowers are always a great way to add color and life to your front porch. They’re also relatively minimal maintenance, once they’re established, they don’t need much from you. Just water them regularly!

Another great way to add seasonal decor without taking up too much space is wreaths and garlands. Wreaths are easy enough for anyone to put up, and they immediately add a pop of color and texture to any room.

In addition to making a small porch seem larger, planting on the steps or walkway has an added benefit. It brings the greenery up to eye level. People tend to think that plants need lots of sunlight for optimal growth and appearance, but this is not true. Plants actually need more sunlight at eye level than they do at ground level. This is because their leaves are angled toward light sources. So why not bring the plants up a few feet and make them a focal point rather than a background element?

The above ideas are just two of many ways to make your small porch seem larger and create more space for you and your family to enjoy.

Add accessories

One easy way to achieve symmetry is with accessories like candles or vases. If you want to go for a more modern look, consider adding something like a hanging chandelier.

Maximize the size of your porch. Symmetry is most easily achieved when both sides are the same size. If your porch is not already the same size, try using outdoor seating arrangements that maximize your space, including chaise lounges, gliders and rocking chairs. Hang mirrors or pictures across from one another on opposite walls for added balance.

Use paint colors on opposite sides of your home. Paint one side of the house a lighter color while choosing a darker color for the other side to achieve visual balance.

Swap out furniture pieces on opposite ends of the porch. As long as you have visual balance, swapping out single pieces of furniture is perfectly fine.

The outer curtains are so romantic!

When it comes to outdoor curtains, there are many options available. You can choose from different designs including sheer, roman, and panel curtains. The design you choose will be determined by the look you want to achieve in your front porch or backyard.

While sheer curtains let in a lot of light and allow you to see outside, if privacy is a concern, you might prefer a panel or roman curtains. Panel curtains give the appearance of a solid wall while roman outdoor curtains look elegant with pleats or decorative details.

Seating is an important aspect of any porch or patio area. By pairing your outdoor curtains with comfortable furniture, you can create an inviting space to enjoy meals during warm weather months.

When choosing outdoor fabrics, remember the right fabric can make all the difference when it comes to creating a beautiful exterior for your home. You can choose from lightweight materials that are machine washable for easy cleaning or heavy-duty fabrics that stand up well against rain and wind. If you want to give your outdoor curtains extra, protection against rain consider adding waterproof lining underneath the fabric.

With these tips, you will have the perfect place to sit all year round and you will finally be able to make your own little corner to relax. Whenever you think needs a break, you will find it in your home.


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