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Popular products on Amazon during COVID-19

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Popular products on Amazon during COVID-19

No wonder the COVID-19 pandemic flowed by months long lockdown hit businesses very hard, especially the physical stores, malls, restaurants and other shops. With the only option of online shopping available to public, ecommerce platforms proved to be a huge hit and popular for essentials as well as the non essentials.

Many new sellers turned it into an opportunity with the guidance from the best amazon consultants and started their online stores by just finding the right product to sell, on Amazon by giving the customers essential COVID supplies which they couldn’t find outside.

 And because it’s not over yet, most of the people are now heavily relied on the services and products sold through the facebook ads for amazon sellers.

The products that were a huge hit during lockdown are;

  • Daily consumable products like groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables, meat, staple and pet food etc. Although the daily essential shops were allowed to open in the lockdown, but the fear of getting themselves exposed to the corona virus prevented them from going to the market and diverted them to ecommerce platforms instead.
  • Safety products such as sanitizers, face shields, face masks, disposable gloves, infrared thermometers and PPE kits became the top priority in every household and compelled them to stock up these health products during lockdown. 
  • A huge spike in the sales of preventive medicines and immunity boosters such as vitamin tablets, ayurvedic kadha mixture, paracetamol, cough and cold syrups etc. was seen.
  • Due to work from home culture adopted worldwide, office essentials and supplies like work desk, office chair, stationery, printers, laptops, mobile phones and accessories such as chargers, headphones to facilitate zoom calls are also trending on Amazon. 
  • Staying at home also calls for leisure time. Hence, the electronic items such as air conditioners, table fans, coolers, voltage stabilizers, televisions were also sold because people stayed 24×7 at their homes. 
  • People developed various hobbies while at home ranging from learning music to cooking, from yoga and workout to reading books, from playing video games to getting toys for kids. This accelerated the sales of yoga mats and dumbbells, novels, PSP, baking equipments, cooking utensils and appliances etc.
  • A huge spike in sales of baby products such as diapers, shampoo and lotion, baby oil, milk powder, baby food, feeding bottles and cleaning supplies.

Well, it’s not always easy to choose the correct product to sell. And a bad choice can even cost the seller suspension of his account. In case you are facing any problem with your Amazon account you can always get the services of Amazon suspension consultants to save your account from getting suspended.


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