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Popular Holiday Destinations to Explore in Mexico

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Mexico is among the renowned vacation destinations in the world, famous for its gorgeous beaches, fancy resorts, restaurants, and tequila. Corona beer, Salma Hayek, Day of the Dead, Lucha libre, the Aztecs, and the Mayans are very popular here. Whether you want to attend special events, go on a sightseeing tour, or enjoy fine dining, the city has almost everything to offer. The land of colors and vibrant art and culture, Mexico is home to world’s best attractions attracting 20 million foreigners every year. 

It’s crowded beaches can take you to the colonial towns, whereas the beautiful resort cities offer the best getaways to jungles. The wildlife reserves allow you to meet and interact with jungle creatures and learn about their habitats and existence. 

Here are the five desirable and popular holiday locations in Mexico which you can consider for your trip. 

Cancun and the Mayan  Riviera

Cancun and the Mayan Riviera lie along an incredible stretch on the Gulf of Mexico, offering the top resort destinations. Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel island together make the Riviera Maya. The beautiful places along the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula attract millions of travelers across the globe. There are plenty of fun things to do here, including snorkeling and watching dolphins and stingrays swim in the water. Adventure enthusiasts can also participate in scuba diving in the largest underwater museum and relish the unique experience. The museum exhibits a massive collection of incredible sculptures at a depth of up to eight meters. 

Chichen Itza and Tulum are two famous sites lying a few miles within walking distance of the beaches. If you want to learn about the site’s history, visit the museums and other historical sites to see the ancient ruins. Also, there is a beautiful island on the north coast of Yucatan, featuring luxurious resorts built with the finest architecture.

The Maya Museum

One of the top-rated tourist attractions in Mexico, The Maya Museum, features a rich historical heritage and seeks visitors’ attention. It is the largest historical site built after the construction of the Templo Mayor Museum in 1987 in Mexico City. The museum lies on the Cancun Center and exhibits fascinating artifacts that share the roots of the region’s ancient history. 

Spend a day discovering the marvelous museum, featuring more than 350 artifacts across the three giant halls, mostly in Cancun. It also includes the remains of a skeleton found in Tulum dating back 14,000 years. Moreover, one can see the ruins of the very famous Woman of the Palms, around 10,000 years old. The site’s other major highlights are the display of incredible Mayan architecture and art, including sculptures from Chichen Itza. The site also hosts educational programs and special events related to art and culture for kids. 

The Scenic Tower and Xcaret, Mexico

If you want to experience something surreal and unique, plan a day trip to The Scenic Tower and Xcaret. The hotel tower stands at 10 meters and diverges between the gorgeous beaches, bird-watching sites, and neighboring coastline areas. If you want to climb the tower’s top, take a seat on the big round elevator, which gently rises and revolves. Then, it turns into an observation deck. The view at night is lit up with lights and bustling of people, which represents a flower. 

The tower is a major part of Xcaret, which is a combination of a theme park and a beautiful tourist attraction. You can only enter the site by purchasing an entry ticket for kids and adults. While you are here, participate in water-related activities like playing on the beach, exploring the underground rivers, and an aquarium. Moreover, there is a museum hosting live music and dance performances, and you must not miss it. Buy your Frontier Airlines tickets and explore the best vacation destinations in Mexico. 

Urbano Kabah Park

Urbano Kabah Park is a widely popular tourist attraction that lies in the soul of Cancun. The site’s other name is the Kabah Ecological Park and is ideal for strolling, jogging, and picnicking activities among tourists. The site consists of a long walking trail of 2 kilometers and divides through the large trees and gardens. 

The Casa Maya Museum is another amazing landmark in the region that features ancient history. It is a family-friendly spot, and it would be great if you take your kids there. They will get a chance to meet and interact with the jungle creatures, including deer, small wild pigs, raccoons, and iguanas. You may also spot a spider monkey and do bird watching in the park, particularly during migration. It is the time when creatures come here as far from the US and Canada in the winters. 

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a fascinating vacation location that is 90 minutes away from the South and famous for its cliff-top regions. The Temple of the Frescos is the major landmark of the site, exhibiting incredible sculptures and seated figures. It is one of the largest buildings in Tulum, which is quite famous and lies on the cliff edge of the sea. Apart from this, there are plenty of unique and attractive attractions worth exploring, including the Castillo. 

One of the best ways to discover the site in the greatest ways is going on the three-in-one discovery combo tour. It features Tulum ruins, caves, cenotes, and coral reefs for snorkeling in the water. The adventure begins when you go on an informative jungle walk, a bilingual guide, and enjoy a fabulous Mexican lunch. Make Frontier Airlines booking and plan the exciting, adventurous, and thrilling things to do in Mexico. 


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