Pool Installation: 5 Popular Water Features in Atlanta

Pool Installation

Are you looking for ways to elevate your pool? You can always make small changes to your swimming pool during construction and get a more significant impact. Many pool companies in Atlanta offer unique and customized water features during installation and construction.

When choosing between various designs and features, be sure to have a theme in mind. It will help streamline the process. The result would be a structured setting to enhance the ambience. If you don’t keep a theme in mind, your pool might end up looking tacky. That will essentially be a waste of resources and capital investment.

To help you become more familiar with your options, we have devised a list for your convenience. The following list contains five most popular pool features within Atlanta pools this summer:

1. Spill-over Spa Waterfalls

You can raise the pool from one side to create a separate spa area. Water trickles down from the steps of the spa into the pool, giving a waterfall effect. It is one of the easiest and the trendiest designs for swimming pools in Atlanta. You can add a spa or jacuzzi to any existing pool.

It is an excellent addition, especially for winters within states that are extreme in their weather conditions. Ledges are made to let the water spill-over to the pool while maintaining two different temperatures. This aesthetic is very elegant and sleek. It is best suited for modern house designs.

They also look very similar to the famous swimming holes in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a wholesome feature representing your state in your house. Many pool companies in Atlanta can provide you with instructions on maintenance and cleaning after installation.

2. Scuppers for pool installation Atlanta

Scuppers are a special design used to keep regular water circulation. It can be costly to install since it usually goes well with stone walls and décor. These are a great option if you need a calm and soothing environment and don’t want to go all out on a wall waterfall. Scuppers work best if you need water circulation between two sections of the pool.  

3. Pedestal Fountains

Are you worried about your pool being too small? Have no fear, for we will make your installation process go smoothly or, as we might say, swimmingly. There is no need to worry if you have a small backyard pool and do not have the space for more extravagant designs.

By adding a two-tier or a three-tier fountain in your pools, you can have the luxury feel and the area to swim in a small pool. They add drama to your pool in accordance with the height you choose. You can consult with Atlanta pool builders for more insight and suggestions.

4. Sun Jets

Sun jets are also called fountain bubblers. You can install them at the bottom of your pool. They create a fun aesthetic for your house, especially if you have kids around. These water bubblers look like small geysers. They give the same appeal as natural hot springs do. If you like the idea of a natural, earthy look to your pool, sun jects are one of the best options.

5. Aerator

You can beat the heat this summer by adding an aerator this summer. It will provide fresh and oxygenated water that will cool down your unit in no time. Georgia is relatively humid in the summers. For this reason, you should use aerators at night. They will lower down the water temperature.

The positive side of operating an aerator is that it does not have to be installed entirely but rather added to the pool system. You can connect it to the return line in no time.

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