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Best builds for PoE currency.

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There are plenty of builds you can work towards when spending your PoE currency for leagues. But which are the best for you to use? Before heading to PoE trade to get the items we need, let’s first look at the best builds to start with.

Arc Witch

For a truly effective beginner build, go with the Arc Witch. This has been well recognized by many players as far as it goes for arc builds being used with league starters. This build is capable of breezing through even the Delirium content that was a part of the game a while back, considered one of the toughest leagues to date.

As for its clearing skills, it is up there with some of the very best. There is no need to save up your Chaos or Exalted Orb too much to get it, and we won’t be relying on gear compared to other builds. You can choose any wand, and it’ll do the job. It is straightforward to use and will serve as a fantastic choice for a starter that you can use. Mobs won’t cause you much trouble, nor will the story mode aspect of the game.

Arc Mines Saboteur

However, if you want a more challenging form of an arc build, this is a choice for you to go with. This is something to consider if you are a more seasoned player of PoE, though when you’re ready, you’ll have the best miner build in the whole game.

Its clearing spell is unmatched, with mines taking it into a whole league. If you’re looking for a build that levels quickly, this is it. Combining arc with mines makes this an incredibly efficient body for you to choose from.

Double Strike Champion

If you want to focus more on a melee build, check out the Double Strike Champion. This is for those who like a no-nonsense scrap with their enemies. This steers away from slow combat to offer up a fast-paced attacking system with fantastic survivability. With significant damage against single and multiple enemies, you are looking at a highly effective all-around build to use in battle.

Perhaps more importantly, it is helpful for new players. Once you have some gloves, you can remember unique items to support you. That said, if you have the PoE currency available to part with, This will help you perform better with the build and invest in more expensive gear. And don’t worry about bosses either, as you will soon be able to sweep them aside. If you were to use flasks and buffs, you could sometimes skip entire boss fights entirely.


Try the Skelemancer build as a league starter for those who favor summoners. This take on the necromancer uses its skeleton army, zombies, and specters to aid them. This build allows you to be independent gear-wise, and you won’t have to show concern about your minions’ damage coming through equipment. No unique jewels must be used or jewels that will cost you most of your PoE currency. Keep your resistance capped, and you should have no trouble.

When clearing mob packs, you will find the Skelemancer excelling. This goes for bosses, too, or difficult enemies that you come across. They are also an excellent build for learning the game since you can take notes and observe many battles while your minions do all the hard work. Find a safe place to be and survive while the minions do everything.

All of these builds are highly effective for a good league starter. It would help if you also looked on PoE Trade for some valuable items for your appearance. That said, many of them depend on something other than you having to use PoE uniques or rely on particular gear. You can get what’s relevant for the build and how you go. With aspects such as clearing mobs, taking out bosses, and much more, these builds work in uniquely exciting and valuable ways. That said, you should pick the one that works best for you, depending on the approach you will be taken when traversing the world of Path of Exile.

Have you tried any of these paths of Exile builds?


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