How To Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android

Orkut error today is a common problem today. Many Android users have already encountered this problem and said that a pop message suddenly appears on their screen “com Facebook orca has stopped unexpectedly.” This problem increases by day That’s like that “How to Fix PNAME Work Facebook Orca Errors on Android?” This question is searched for Google million times.

If you are experiencing this problem, do not worry … you are in the right place … I would like to make you facebook and facebook in this post and how to solve facebook arc problems. I will notify you.

Facebook Orca Errors on Android: What is Com Facebook Orca?

Actually, Facebook Okay is a package name for your Facebook messages on your Android device. When you install the Messenger app from the game store, a folder called “com.facebbok.orca” itself creates itself on storage.

You can find it from the file explorer. File Explorer> Device Storage / SD Card> Android> Data You will find this folder “com.facebbok.orca”.

My filesDevice Storage

Android Data


Facebook Orca Error on Android: What is Com Facebook Katana?

When a Facebook app is installed from the Play Store, the “com.facebook.katana” folder is automatically created on their device storage / SD card. You can find it according to the above procedure.
File Explorer> Device Storage / SD Card> Android> Data You will find this folder “com.facebbok.katana”.


Is Facebook and Virus Virus?

When someone saw that message “com facebook orca has stopped” he thought it could be virus or malware.

Absolutely not…

When you install the Facebook app and Manager app from the Google Play Store, they are just two folders.

How To Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error-

Facebook Orca Error on Android: It may vary for different devices .. But the main idea here is:

Step 1: Open the option of setting up your phone

Phone Setting

Step 2: Then go to application


3: Click on application manager

Application Manager

Step 4: Find the Facebook app & Messenger app

Facebook AppMessenger App

Step 5: 
Clear the the data and restart the apps

Clear Data

The problem will be solved after restarting the apps.

Do not worry if the issue is still there …

Here’s another solution.

After completing the above procedure, if you still have a popup message “com.facebook.orca” has stopped unexpectedly, then install the Facebook and Messenger app and restart your device. Reinstall these apps from the Google Play Store .This problem will be resolved.

Should you delete com.facebook.orca folder?

You can delete this folder but it is not a solution because it will automatically restart your storage and you’ll see the error message. This folder requires you to run on your device.

Another advantage of the com.facebook.orca folder:

If you delete a conversation, delete the file, error file from the fault, do not worry, the com.facebook.orca folder will help you recover all the information. Access the above folders above and you will find a folder called “Cash” inside it. Browse the cash folder inside it. You will find the folder name folders named “fb_temp” .You will find files or conversations that have been removed from this folder.

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