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Plumber in South Florida : Tips to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

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Frozen pipes could cause convenience as well as pipes to burst and result in serious flooding. This might even end up costing you hundreds of dollars. The best way to stop pipes from freezing is to keep them warm to stay above freezing point. The other ways for prevention against the frozen pipes include

  • Allow Faucet to Drip

In case you have a fear that the pipe would freeze, you could open the faucet a little bit so that it drips slightly. Doing would relieve pressure in the system. In case the pipe freezes, it is due to the pressurecreated between the faucet and blockage that would cause the pipe to burst. Keeping the faucet open would prevent such pressure from building up and keep the pipe from bursting.

  • Seal up Holes & Cracks

Seal the holes as well as gaps where the pipes run through the floors or walls, especially where a hole is letting the cold air in. For filling the gaps, you could use caulk or spray foam insulation. If possible, try sealing holes on both exteriors as well as interior sides of the floor or wall.The cold air that gets in via gaps or holes could make the cabinet compartment cold.

  • Keep The Garage Doors Closed

It is worth noting that the pipes are prone to freezing because of their location. Typically, the garage is not a place you need to keep heat. Therefore, keeping the doors shut could help seal the cold air out. In case the water supply lines are installed in the garage, it is advised to keep garage doors closed as much as possible. You could also place a heater near the pipes to prevent freezing.

  • Apply Heating Tape

Heating tape works like a blanket for pipes that supply heat to the pipe directly for keeping them warm. It could be a great solution for the pipe’s short sections that are at risk of freezing as well as easily accessible. There are two varieties of heating tapes. One type of tape turns off and on itself when it senses the need for heat. Whereas another type of tape needs to be plugged in and out as per usage.

Apart from these, another tip is to add extra insulation to pipes located in areas lacking proper insulation like attics or the basement. In case you still experience pipe freezing, consider calling an experienced plumber in South Florida. If you are looking for professional plumbers, Hernandez Plumbing is the right choice. They have all the required licenses, certifications as well as insurance. They provide a 100% satisfaction Guarantee to their customers.


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