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Everything your child needs at the Best Play School in Jaipur

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As a parent, when you send your kids to a preschool, you want them to grow. It is possible only when you select the right Play School for them. A Play School is an environment where your child will spend a significant amount of time, with other children and teachers; therefore, you need to choose only the best. Are you looking for the Best Preschool in Jaipur, Rajasthan? Make your child a better version of themselves, only at the Best Play School in Jaipur- VSI International School, every parents’ first choice.

VSI International School in Jaipur, Rajasthan follows an enriching pedagogy for your preschool children. The school is committed to bringing out the raw talent of its students by giving them opportunities to discover and nurturing this talent by providing the right platforms. Since its inception in 1979, the school has focused on instilling social values with knowledge in its students. The school teachers address all the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of a child’s development. These qualities make it the Best Play School in Jaipur. The school has also been graced with the title of ‘Emerging School of the Year’ in 2017. 

(The school is located in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur. For more details, contact 9309305656 or visit their branch in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur.)

Learning Environment at the Best Play School in Jaipur-VSI International School 

It has everything your kid needs. Here is what it offers:

Student-centred Approach

A Play School in Jaipur puts the interests of students first, which is commonly referred to as student-centred education. At VSI International School, the teachers plan classroom lessons and activities in a way that caters the interest areas of the students. The teachers pay attention to the growth of children individually, so better lessons can be planned for them.

Play is the Best Way of Learning. 

Preschool Fosters Learning, in a Way, that Kids Love.

A Comfortable and Friendly Environment

At home, children stay among familiar people and surroundings. But when they enter a new place like preschool, where they meet new people. They need a friendly environment so they can focus on learning new things. The best play school in Jaipur like VSI International School is the one which has a comfortable and friendly environment for fostering child growth. The school teachers are friendly. The beautiful classrooms and playrooms filled with toys help children easily feel comfortable and enjoy being a part of the preschool.  

Activities for Holistic Development

VSI International School is the best school in Jaipur for children and encourages students to participate in recreational and academics-related activities held at school. Teachers work on the holistic development of preschool students with activities like everyday prayer, using storytelling methods, animated videos, rhymes, poems, colourful charts while teaching, giving them group activities. Other activities for play school children are Art & Craft, Singing and Dancing. 

Make learning easy and enjoyable for your kids. Get their names registered at the Best Play School in Jaipur.

Develop Skills

The school is considered amongst the Best Preschool in Jaipur because it fosters skill development from an early stage. The school has a math lab where basic concepts of maths are taught with the help of activities. Abacus is also made a part of the teaching process when the kids are in the later stages of their pre-primary classes, which helps develop the intellectual skills of your children. They are also engaged in spoken English classes and activities where they start learning new words, its meaning, and speak them with proper pronunciation.

Playground, Puddle Pool, Indoor Playrooms, Educational Games

Recreational activities are as important as the learning and academic lessons and activities, if not more. This Playgroup School in Jaipur promotes recreational activities for children. The school has an outdoor playground with swing sets, slides, an outdoor play area where kids can play games. A special puddle pool is also there for children, so they can enjoy and play in the water. Indoor playrooms equipped with toys and games are also there at the school.

Air-conditioned and Colourful Classrooms

The classrooms for your children are conceptualized and designed based on stories and themes, which becomes a common interest for students to connect. Children are easily fascinated by the surroundings and feel joy when they see it. It adds to creating an entertaining and positive environment.

Security and Safety

The school does a thorough background check before hiring anyone. The teachers and other support staff at VSI International School are all verified. The school campus also remains under 24/7 surveillance through CCTV Cameras. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your child, this preschool in Jaipur makes the best efforts possible. 

Your child will be in the best care at the best Play School in Jaipur.

School Conveyance

The school owns a fleet of buses and offers transportation (pick up and drop from home) facilities for children. Keeping in the comfort of students in mind, the buses are equipped with fully functioning air-conditioners. Regarding the concerns of parents about the safety of their ward, the school also has a GPRS system installed in all the buses.


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