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Best places to visit in the Maldives on your honeymoon

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Sitting on the white beach with your spouse/girlfriend, hand in hand, watching the pink haze of the horizon, is a top-notch romance. And doesn’t lying on nature’s soft bed and looking at the stars seem like a beautiful romantic night? If you are recently married and searching for a great place to spend quality time with your spouse, we are sure you have explored beaches and tropical islands.

The tropical ambiance, smashing waves, beautiful beaches, private villa, moonlight cruise, and most importantly, the seclusion from the stress of life are all factors that draw honeymooners from all over the globe to the Maldives. Here we have compiled the list of best places to rejuvenate in the Maldives tour package.

Gili Lankanfushi

The Maldives has been a dream destination for many people so far; they want to rekindle their love life in the seclusion of this beautiful island. Perched over the pristine blue ocean, covered with giant coconut trees and laying back in the white sand of Gili Lankan Fushi, which is the perfect place to unwind yourself and comprehend little details of your better half.

This place hosts a sizable overwater bungalow and a handful of private villas. It would take a few minutes to reach this destination by sea, you will be welcomed by a personal butler who will guide you throughout the journey. This place is also known for its delightful cuisines. Therefore, you should not miss out on any of these things. 

COMO Cocoa Island Resort 

COMO Cocoa Island and resort is nested over the fresh cyan aqua of the Indian Ocean. It is situated at a distance of 30.8 km from the Male international airport. You can easily book a sea boat to reach here. Apart from the world-class amenities and luxury private villas to spend, you will enjoy your taste bud with the authentic seafood of the Maldives and many other Continental cuisines. 

Besides that, you can get yourself soaked in the warmth of the sunset, and to make your stay enriching, the resort offers rejuvenating spa treatment, meditation, and yoga sessions for its guests. Your honeymoon at cocoa is going to be a mix of romance, thrilling activities, romantic dinners, and guaranteed privacy.

Soneva Fushi

Everything about this unique island screams barefoot luxury, yes! It may sound strange to people. The Aim of this resort is “No shoes” and “No news.” As soon as you step your foot here, you will encourage staying barefoot until you check out. There are plenty of cuisines that stand out in your dining experience.

This eco-friendly resort offers spacious villas and private bathtubs amidst lush green gardens. How about taking a stroll barefoot, one hand clenched with your sweetheart and the other hand holding your favourite wine? Isn’t that a perfect setting for a romantic getaway in the Soneva Fushi island resort? You can also explore the entire resort on a complimentary bicycle. Moreover, you can choose to spend overnight at the sandbank, counting stars and gazing at the beautiful moon.

Baros Island Resort

The Baros island resort is the Maldives‘ most luxury and couple-Centered resort. It is a 15-minute seaplane ride away. People worldwide prefer Baros for its elegance wrapped in luxury; The breathtaking vista of this tropical island is resorting. And the pin-drop silence will entice you to stay here longer.

The beautiful lagoon entices you to swim with turtles and discover the underwater world.

Indulge in some exhilarating activities with your loved one; you may start with snorkeling because nothing beats witnessing coral and massive dolphins. Soak in the rays of sunshine as you swim in the crystal blue water.

Mirihi Island Resort

The alluring ambiance of Mirihi island resort is unmatched. Amidst the beautiful blue aqua, the world-class amenities, elegance, exquisite white beach, and coconut trees soothe your soul and unleash it. Get Travel News and updates on newsskook.com.

The resort’s ample accommodations are quite comfortable and private. The level of solitude offered by this location is remarkable. Aside from that, there are other motors and underwater sports to choose from. If blue water isn’t your thing, there’s an in-house gym where you can catch up with your fitness routine even while on your honeymoon.


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