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Pistol Magazines for Sale: Why a Spare Is Worth It, and What to Look for

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Unless you shoot a wheelgun or a single shot handgun, then the magazines you pair with your firearms are central to your shooting success. For semi automatic shooters – which constitutes the majority, perhaps even the vast majority, of handgun owners and shooters – then the quality and reliability of the magazines you use will impact your effectiveness behind the platform.

In some instances, the search for pistol magazines for sale might begin with the lack of one altogether. Although it’s not a common occurrence, it could be theoretically possible that a used pistol or a surplus pistol was sold sans magazine, just the same way that some other used guns are sold without chokes or grips or sights. They can be easily replaced, and, after all, the pistol will still fire and cycle without them. That being the case, without a magazine, you’ll be effectively working with a single shot handgun until you replace the magazine.

More often than not, the decision to find a new pistol magazine for sale will stem either from a failure of your original model or the desire to keep a spare on hand. The failure of a pistol’s magazine will mirror the circumstances of the previous paragraph, and a new magazine will be required to restore the basic, semi-automatic functionality of a handgun.

The latter scenario entails a practical need for a spare or a set of spare gun magazines, which are expressly useful for several different individual reasons. Keeping spare loaded magazines on hand will enable you to enjoy more time, more efficiently, at the range. They will also enable you to reload more efficiently in competitions when your time is being scored. Realistically, a loaded spare firearm magazine, or several, is a prerequisite for entering a competition like this, at least with a semi-automatic platform that feeds from them.

Also, keeping spare magazines on hand is also vital to those that practice carrying for self defense. A spare loaded mag can be the difference between another round and an empty chamber, which can be, in some instances, a matter of life and death.

Once you reach the conclusion that it is worth the investment of your time to find a new magazine for your pistol, there are a couple of ways to go about it. You can see if you can find another original, produced by the same manufacturer that made the magazine that came with your pistol. If you can get another new one, you’ll be set.

The other way is to seek out used or surplus magazines that are compatible with your pistol, but if you do buy used or surplus magazines, you’ll want to make sure that all of the internals are operable and in good shape. This includes the springs that are responsible for the basic actuation of the magazine, are in working order and not fatigued. You’ll also want to be sure to check to see that that magazine’s follower is present and still working, otherwise the mag will not feed smoothly, if it feeds at all.

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