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Pililokal Marketplace for Filipino Artisans – Buy Affordable Filipino Products at First-Class Standards

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Pililokal Marketplace – Buy from Filipino Artists at a First-Class Marketplace in the Philippines | How will our local businesses be able to rise again after the Covid-19 Pandemic? The Philippines experienced a massive economic crisis during the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which led to the demise of many local businesses. Now that the country has been forced to adjust to the new norm, the Internet, how will our local businesses be able to rise again?

Artisans are a collection of workers who perform a trade or handicraft, a self-acclaimed craftsperson with the skill sets to create a masterpiece by hand out of thin air, whether it be delicacies, home living, accessories, or even health requirements.

Despite the fact that there are so many excellent Filipino craftsmen out there, it’s unfortunate to note that only 10% of them are recognized, and the bulk of the remaining 90% will have to continue striving for the top spot.

But what if there is a marketplace that is so powerful that it allows any Pinoy artist to get to the top? Pililokal Marketplace is a new concept in the Pili community.

Pililokal was founded by a small group of powerful Pinoy techpreneurs residing in New York, who used their ingenuity to construct the marketplace and transform it into a platform that provides significant opportunities to 90% of the country’s craftsmen.

Enter The Varieties World:

  • Delicacies for the Home and Living Room
  • Essentials for Good Health
  • Clothing and supplies for the event

The Art Collector’s Paradise

Pililokal marketplace has it all, from sofa basics to clear tables, tea infusers, tampipi baskets, quality mats, and much more. Buyers and typical artisan consumers will appreciate the vast choice of high-quality handmade products developed by world-class Filipino craftsmen.

The ordinary artisan buyer is in for a treat with the quality of work output from the hard-working Filipino fellowmen; not only are the products manufactured from the finest of resources, but they are also promised satisfaction.

The Pililokal marketplace provides a high-quality experience for art fans by allowing them to choose from a wide range of luxury artisan products at their fingertips.

It is, without a doubt, every art lover’s dream come true.

From the neighborhood to the international stage

Pililokal opens its doors to normal artisan makers to help you take your Artisan business to the next level, using its highly adaptable marketplace to not only position your goods at the top of your market, but also to help you take your Artisan business to the next level.

Pililokal Marketplace accomplishes it in such a way that your items stand out to a huge audience of artisan customers, establishing your product as a world-class artisan that not only competes with the finest in the Philippines, but also with the best in the world.


With its endless variety of options, the Pililokal Marketplace was designed to showcase the handmade furniture of our local Filipino artisans, turning the average joe into a typical buyer. But one thing is certain: when you list your product on the Pililokal Marketplace, the possibilities are endless.

Pililokal Marketplace is a Filipino Products Marketplace 

Pil specializes on establishing a local marketplace for genuine and artisan goods. Local sellers can use this e-commerce platform to grow their enterprises in the neighborhood.

Pililokal has three major issues to deal with:

  • What exactly are Filipino goods?
  • Who are the Filipino makers and artisans?
  • What stores do they have?

Pililokal wants to address these concerns by creating an internet platform that allows customers to:

Know what items are made in the Philippines.

Locate Filipino business people.

Gain access to a buyer’s and seller’s community in the Philippines with Pililokal.com.

Do you want to help local companies but aren’t sure how? So, get your shopping fingers ready. PILI will shortly create a website with exclusive discounts from Filipino local businesses. This is your chance to help Filipino entrepreneurs and give back to your community!

Send your questions to sales@pililokal.com or call us at +63998 902 2096 if you’re a merchant.


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