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About Pig Iron and Its Uses

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According to some, iron after being molted was shifted into sand pits in ancient times. When it got a solid structure, it used to look like pigs, and hence the name “pig iron came” to the surface. If you wonder what pig iron is, its difference with cast iron, and its different and wide-ranging uses, continue reading.

The manufacturing process of pig iron involves smelting iron ore richer in iron oxides, and their color could differ from yellow to pink to metallic iron etc. The ore is developed naturally and is used for various purposes, including steel manufacturing, alloy making, foundries, etc. 

They are populated with a high volume of carbon, iron, silica, followed by phosphorus and sulfur etc. As far as the name goes, one belief is that iron, when molted was sent into sand pits, and in its solid-state, the iron used to look like pigs and from there, the name pig iron came. The material is not good to be used directly except for some limited applications. Generally speaking, merchant pig iron can be classified into basic pig iron, foundry pig iron and high purity pig iron.

Uses of pig iron in industries

Modern manufacturers shift the molten iron to a ladle to start using it quickly compared to traditional processes. While pig iron can be used to manufacture steel and pure iron units, they can (some of its variants) can be seen in the manufacturing of ductile iron. Because they come in uniformed size, it’s easy to extract and recover iron and silicon from them. These days, several unique and important developments have taken place regarding the production and use of pig iron.

Difference between pig iron and cast iron

Some may wonder what the exact differences between cast iron and pig iron are. The answer is in many situations. Let us briefly cover them. First is, cast iron is usually the purest type of iron, whereas pig iron is impure. Next, when it comes to carbon content, cast iron has a low quantity of it when compared to pig iron. Impurities including S, P, Si, Mn etc. are available in pig iron, whereas cast iron does not contain any impurities.

About Pig Iron manufacturers in India

The pig iron industry is in demand, and with the latest innovations and technological developments, the industry is expected to grow more in future. One of the renowned pig iron manufacturing companies in India, SML’s pig iron composition includes carbon (3.5% to 4%) Silicon (1% to 1.5%), Sulphur (.050% to .080%), Phosphorus (.080% to .120%). Pig iron is popularly in use for various applications, and with new developments, the iron is expected to grow more rapidly. Should you want to learn more about pig iron, how it is used, or want to contact pig iron manufacturing companies in India for orders, please feel free to follow  SreeMetaliks.com website now.


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