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The Photostat machine, Photocopy Machine – A Useful Invention

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With regular care, your Photostat Machine can serve you for many years. It is possible to lengthen the service life even when problems are relatively minor. However, one of the most common issues with photocopiers is the build-up of paper jams in the system. If these jams are allowed to build up for too long a time, the photocopying process becomes extremely slow.

To prolong the life of your photostat machine

And prevent paper jams, clean it regularly using available cleaning solutions. From the inside, wipe the glass with a soft cloth after every use. Never let the glass touch hard surfaces, such as the cover of the machine.

Don’t look at the clock every time you are about to make a fix.

Try to complete the task on time. Even a few minutes of delay in completing repairs will cost you dearly. When you come to know that your machine has jammed. Don’t try to solve it with pencils or other sharp objects. Press the button on your machine carefully and if you have to use a cloth. Wipe it before you start to photostat machine Malaysia the glass. Don’t forget to remove all the objects from the area, before you start working at your photostat machine.

If there is any problem related to the paper feed system

The main reason behind this is poor maintenance of the machine. It should be made clear that this should be done at regular intervals. In fact, there is no excuse for not doing so even if there is only a small amount of ink in the reservoir. If you are not able to remove the jammed object. Then you should know how to remove the jammed object without damaging your machine.

Some people ignore the fact that they should regularly clean the surface of their photostat machine.

They fail to remove the dirt and grime and thus, there is a constant risk of the machine jamming. If the cleaning is not done properly. There is a high possibility that the printouts of your documents could become messed up. This not only affects the quality of the document. But also destroys your chances of taking legal action against the person who has printed out sensitive information.

Another common problem

What is often faced by owners of photostat machines in Malaysia is that of ink. If it is not properly cleaned, there is a possibility that some ink residue might get soaked into the machine. As a result, if you use the machine to print out a document, you may face a lot of hassles while trying to remove the ink. Even if you remove the ink by hand, there is a high chance that some ink residue would remain behind and would not let you complete the task.

Owners of the photostat machine in Malaysia

Should know about the different ways of cleaning the device. Most of them prefer to use compressed air to clean the surface of the device, but there is a tendency for some to spray some water onto the device. However, this does not leave any oily residues and thus, no longer increases the likelihood of jamming. In addition, the air remains stagnant in the reservoir and does not float due to any reason. The electrostatic charges remain firmly attached to the document and hence, there is no fear of the document flying out of the printer when you are trying to remove it from the printer housing.

Photostat printers in Malaysia

Have become quite popular among the locals in Kuala Lumpur and other places in the country. It can be used to print out copies of official documents, posters, brochures, manuals, flyers, etc. At the same time, the device has many applications in many businesses. The users of the photocopy machine in Malaysia can choose to either get the latest model or go for the previous version that is still being manufactured by its manufacturer in order to get the most features.

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