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Phimosis Treatment: Getting the Most from Phimosis Rings

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Is your foreskin too tight and causes pain? If so, there’s nothing to worry about since you’re not alone. Phimosis is a medical condition that leaves you with a tight foreskin, which cannot retract or move below the glans. When left untreated, Phimosis can lead to irritation and sexual problems.  The good news is, Phimosis Rings are the most popular and easiest way to cure this condition.

As is the case with any other treatment option, you need to use Phimosis rings in the best possible way to stand a good chance of reaping maximum rewards. Rather than rushing through your purchase decision, be sure to find out how these rings work. Here are some of the things you ought to know before you can finally take advantage of Phimosis rings.

What is a Phimosis Ring?

First up, it is in your best interest to know what a Phimosis ring is and why it continues to attract attention.  In a nutshell, these rings prevent your foreskin from retracting back and forth over the head of your penis.  By serving as a bottleneck and constricting your foreskin, the phimosis ring ensures it does not open further.

 Some men forcibly retract the foreskin beyond the phimosis ring surface area. However, taking this approach could result in small tears on your ring.  Worse, you could develop paraphimosis, which might turn your life into a living nightmare.

How to Choose the Appropriate Ring for You

While phimosis rings might work wonders for a friend or colleague, it’s not to say the same will happen to you.  Before parting with your hard-earned money, be sure to have a word with your medical practitioner.  The doctor will check for any underlying medical condition of the foreskin and penis before letting you know whether or not to use Phimosis rings.

If it happens to be the most viable treatment for Phimosis, you ought to choose the most appropriate ring for you.  In most cases, you have to factor in how far you can stretch your foreskin.  Furthermore, prioritize the tightness of your foreskin. Luckily, there is always the perfect fit size for your penis.

How to Use Phimosis Rings Hassle-Free

Investing in the best Phimosis kit does not necessarily mean the end of your road. Ensure you use it in the best possible way to attain the results you expect.  Fortunately, this should never be the underlying reason behind your woes since you can get through it with ample preparations before using the Phimosis rings.

To lend a helping hand, you will first have to apply coconut oil or fore-stretch crème on your foreskin.  It is in your best interest to leverage natural products as they help prevent complications.  Remember, the oil hydrates your foreskin in readiness for the Phimosis ring.  You also have to apply the oil to the outer circumference of the Phimosis ring.

Now it is time to retract the foreskin until there’s enough space for the ring to sit under the foreskin.  Watch out for the marked black line (Phimotic band) since it happens to be where the phimosis ring will sit under the foreskin.  You’ll then have to wear the Phimosis ring by sliding it against the glans. Ensure the foreskin’s edge sits over the outer diameter of the phimosis ring, but is not too loose or too tight.

Whenever the size of the ring you have on currently starts to fall off, it is the right time to move up to the next ring size.   When done right, it will not take long before you can retract your foreskin fully. That’s a clear indication you no longer have to make do with Phimosis. However, steer clear from wearing it for more than 1 hour as it could lead to the inflammation of your foreskin.

In Conclusion

Using Phimosis rings to cure Phimosis is undeniably one of the best decisions you can ever make.  Either way, you are better off using this treatment option when over the age of 13.  Keep in mind, Phimosis can cause other complications such as urinary tract infections, painful urination, and bleeding.  That’s why you should make an effort to treat it before the situation escalates.


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