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Petroleum Engineer Recruiting Process and its Importance

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Based on the latest statistics, the petroleum engineer recruiting process is about to grow by 3% by 2029, which is said to be faster when compared to the average occupations. Companies are expanding and so are oil reserves and gas prices. And, the high price range is going to be the major determinant in petroleum engineer recruiting.

What qualification is required to become a petroleum engineer?

To become a Petroleum Engineers, a bachelor’s degree in engineering, be it mechanical, civil, or chemical engineering or preferably in petroleum engineering is usually preferred by the hiring companies.

Energy Search Associates, a Texas-based oil and gas recruiting firm has been helping in the recruiting for the petroleum engineer. According to the expert team, they strive to assist with dedication, maintaining confidentiality. 

Petroleum engineer recruiting process

The basic recruitment process involves filtering employees on the basis of qualification, experience, value for work and cooperative behavior, and the urge to learn new skills.

Their job role is to locate oil and gas to help meet the country’s energy requirements. They need to design and develop techniques, and strategies to extract oils and gas from the earth’s core. They might have to collaborate with geologists to chalk out a plan and extract from old wells. Petroleum Engineers have to go through a massive analysis of data, exploration of reservoirs., automation of oil-field and working on supercomputers are their prime job. They must be accustomed to the use of cutting-edge technology, supervising a project related to drilling operations with patience and perception.

Additional Skills employers look for –

An office or business is not run single-handedly but requires teamwork, where every set of work needs must have a knowledgeable individual who can manage the process. Employers test the potentiality of a candidate on the basis of the ability to work under pressure, driven by enthusiasm, knowledge of core IT skills, and maintains a healthy routine. 

1000+ engineers are placed at top-notched working setup, owing to the Energy Search Associates, for the past 15 years. With them, candidates get the opportunity to start a career as a petroleum engineer. And, based on May 2020, the annual wage for petroleum engineers is $137,330. So, one must focus on their studies and learn how to design equipment, the process of extracting oil and gas, and skills to develop plans, which can help to get selected in the petroleum engineer recruiting process.


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