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Pet e-store applications for android and iOs

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In the United States, more than 50 million people have pets and also have pet supply stores that are challenging their fair share of this booming market. If you are a pet lover it’s glorious news for you that pet stores are constantly bettering their product and services, and one can easily choose from among the perfect ones for you. Pet e-store facilitates the customers with free delivery. Sometimes due to crucial routine do not have time to drop by a pet store to get food and other supplies it’s not a big deal now. You can have all the ordered items at your location.

Some pet e-stores now facilitate pet lovers with free delivery of pet food and fresh latest supplies. Get rid of the trouble of pet supply shopping, getting pet food exhaustive.  You can now order online or from the catalog. Having a pet is worth rewarding experience, and these apps can solve the arisen issues.

11 pets:

This is a great app for pet owners. It arranges all medical instructions for your pet. 11 pets include medical alert, food tracking, grooming, cleaning, and many other measurements like weight, height, and most of all vaccinations. It also gives you reminders for coming appointments. 11 pets keep tracking all the stiff so do not have to. This is a free app with no ads and also has no premium paid package.

Amazon shopping:

This is another fantastic app for pet owners. It provides you cages, little boxes, food, treats, and all other pet-related material. You can also get help from the reviews of applications. But in some condition one suggestion work for the individual and harmful for other. This application offers a strong return policy, with good shipping experience and it is not difficult to suggest Amazon to people with pets. But obviously, pet lovers already have information about this stuff.


This is also a pet e-store for pet lovers. Chewy offers about 1,000 brands of different items, free delivery on some orders, and many more. It has a variety of dogs, birds, cats, fish, and others for zoophiles. It has a better selection and best quality foods than other e-stores. One can easily schedule required orders when one needs them. If you use auto-ship scheduled offer chew will discount you. This e-store has some flaws otherwise various features are user-friendly. It not only provides free services but also gives free shipping after $50 amount of dollar.


Rover has mostly home-away options for pets but usually for dogs. During travel, vacations, event, or any other party you have a dog sitter’s area in your area where you don’t need to go home early for your pet. You have continuously communicating service so that can talk to the related person of a dog sitter for your satisfaction. The rating system of Rover facilitates the user to choose the best one. The sitter will send you pictures of the application. Undoubtedly, it’s the best service provided by the e-store. Sometimes people get issues while uploading pictures in the chartroom and this is the only downside that it has waves of bugs. This minor annoyance will be fixed sooner or later.


It’s a medical record tracker application. Your pet’s vet is an essential part of this e-store. You can register your animal, their number of microchips, medications, visits, and even home residence. It is quite a simple process with various facilities.

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