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Pest Control Caroline Springs: What You Need to Know About Pests

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What are pests?

Pests can be any type of creatures that humans don’t want in our home. Some of the most common pests in our home are cockroaches, mice, ants and spiders. Bugs have been known to be found in Melbourne for over a hundred years. These pests can be bought from bait shops, but can also make their way into our homes through our food. While some humans get freaked out by pests, most of us simply want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Types of Pests There are actually a number of types of pests in Melbourne. Cockroaches are the most common to come across in our home, although spiders are a real danger for some households, and some pets can get them if not kept on a tight leash.

Pest control in Caroline Springs

There are two pest control companies operating in the Caroline Springs area. One is Digger Pete Exterminating, while the other is Channel Pest Management. Here are the things you need to know about them: Get an estimate from Digger Pete Exterminating Digger Pete Exterminating is available by appointment. Contact them on 1300 457 355. If you are not interested in an emergency, a two-hour term or a full-blown pest control will cost $99. Your home will need to be scanned for bugs before the exterminator arrives. This scan has to be done in advance, so you can give an accurate date. In a pest management inspection, the pest control company will first go in, clean up the pest, then go back into the home and treat the bug.

Prevention is key

Caroline Springs is famous for having beautiful tree lined streets. These tree lined streets are filled with housing. Since the houses and their people are in close proximity to each other, the consequences of attracting pests are high. All of our trees need to be watered and trimmed. Trimming trees is key to keep the pests under control. Pests don’t like to have water falling on them, so if they find a source of water, it gives them the opportunity to access it and survive. Caroline Springs experienced an infestation of pests when fruit trees from houses fell on the street and were not removed in time. A fruit tree goes from being perfectly healthy and packed with sweet fruit to a stunted mess that is pest-infested in minutes. This was very damaging to our community.

How to deal with pests before hiring a professional

Before hiring a pest control professional, you should do some research on the different kinds of pest and what makes them leave. Insects like cockroaches will need to be eradicated from your home. If you have your pets in the house you will want to be sure that you do not have to deal with pests as well. Some of the pests we commonly deal with in our area in the south-east corner of Melbourne are cockroaches, mice, ants, spiders and white ants. You can find lots of pest control experts in Caroline springs that deal specifically with these pests. Pests are one of the most common causes for complaints to the pest control companies. The main reason for complaints is the fact that people do not know enough about the different pests in the area.


Pests can be harmful to your home, especially to your children. A professional pest control company can help you to overcome your problem. A good pest control company will do everything they can to get rid of pests quickly and efficiently.


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