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Accident Lawyer Dallas TX And Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Law Productivity Tips

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Every accident lawyer in Dallas, TX, can benefit from spending more time with their clients or even more time at home – but for many, it just seems ultimately out of the realm of possibility.

Working as a nursing home neglect attorney, a paralegal, or another kind of legal professional is highly demanding, and finding time can be difficult.

For this reason, we have rounded up some of our top tips for saving time and boosting productivity.

Try the Two-Minute Rule

Have you ever heard of the two-minute rule? It’s effortless. You start by taking the easiest tasks, most manageable, straightforward to perform and getting them over and done with. Sure, it sounds simple, but by focusing on the tasks that won’t take you long to complete (like taking a call or sending an email), you are setting yourself up for a day of productivity.

Each of these duties that you will complete at the beginning of your workday should take no longer than 2 minutes. Once they are complete, you are free to stick to a solid schedule that is distraction-free.

Utilise ‘No Meeting Days’

If you’ve never tried this, it could revolutionise the way you do work. Choose a day during your working week where you don’t have any meetings.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a telephone conference or even a Skype chat – this day should be dedicated to you getting your work done, completing urgent tasks, and communicating with clients.

Of course, meetings are often necessary, but it’s essential to recognise how easily they can turn into meaningless and unimportant chit-chat.

This conversation can take up valuable minutes (and let’s face it, sometimes hours) of a working day, and this ‘No Meetings Day’ can seriously improve your weekly productivity.

Alternate Between Different Desks

Studies explained in the Wall Street Journal have suggested that it is possible to improve productivity simply by changing your work location or desk.

Even having new people working alongside you can help improve your overall work efficiency, as working in the same place every day can grow tiring and boring for the human brain.

If your office is large enough, try working in one place for two days, working in another part of the office for another two days, and maybe even consider working from home one day a week. \

You’ll soon find what works best for you.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Though some people may improve their efficiency by being surrounded by new people, it also puts you at risk of distraction. So as well as a ‘No Meetings Day’, consider isolating yourself from other people and distractions for a certain amount of hours every day.

Reducing your interaction with other people allows you to focus on the most urgent things.

Eat The Frog

Mark Twain once said, “’ Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” What does this mean for accident lawyers in Dallas, which tasks most TX?

Do the task you dread the most first. If it’s making that phone call to a belligerent insurance adjuster, do that first. If it’s researching a topic you’re unfamiliar with and thus aren’t sure how long it will take you to find what you need, do that first.

The amount of satisfaction you will feel upon completing this eating-a-frog-like task will help fuel your drive to move on to the remaining items on your to-do list.

Do Similar Tasks Together

Multitasking is a myth. Allowing outside interruptions to break into your focused work time will cause you to take even more time trying to get back in the groove. 4

Stop letting your email inbox notifications interrupt your motion drafting and stop answering your phone every time it rings. Batching like tasks together keeps the amount of time spent on these tasks low. Respond to emails all at once.

Return phone calls at one time. This will allow you to have focused time for writing, researching, and other billable work.

As a nursing home neglect attorney, you need to manage multi-tasking. 


Whether you’re writing a brief for a client or a blog for your website, you can take hours out of your writing time by simply learning how to use the recording function on your mobile device. 4

While numbers around the internet vary, generally, people can type about 40 words a minute but can speak up to 125 words a minute.

Think of the amount of time you can regain by recording your thoughts instead of writing or typing them. And you can register yourself while you’re at your desk or in the car. Just think of the “free” time that now becomes valuable work time!


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