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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wardrobe Style for Your Home

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When you get into home-planning, you’ll notice that you should pay a few aspects of your room more importance as they can completely alter and define the look of your entire living space. One of these key elements in your wardrobe.

Usually taking up a large amount of area in your room or washroom, having a good wardrobe helps you neatly organize all your clothing essentials into one confined place, helping you reduce a lot of clutter which you’ll have to shove into dressers.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Wardrobe?

Currently, there are numerous different varieties of Wardrobes available in the market. These can range from one, two, three doors, or 6 door wardrobes to sliding and freestanding one’s. After you decide on the frame, there are an absolute plethora of options to choose from regarding how many open spaces you need; if you need more shelves or more shoe racks, the choice usually is completely left to you.

As such, understanding your users is of essential importance. Try to figure out what particular clothing items you own will take up the most space (with room for more, of course.) For example, if you have more shoes, it only makes sense for you to have more shoe racks. You can adopt the same logic with other clothing essentials as well.

Does Wardrobe Size Matter?

Well, in this case, it does! Consider where you want your wardrobe to fit in the first place. Having a huge wardrobe in a small room can make your place feel claustrophobic. Moreover, not utilizing your large room’s space with an adequately sized wardrobe can lead to some lackluster storage choices, especially as the items you need to store increase in number.

Therefore, if you have a larger room, we recommend going for a 6 door wardrobe as you will have plenty of storage space. Moreover, having

a wardrobe of this size can also help you store even larger items such as pillowcases and trench coats alongside your entire variety of shoes.

However, for those with smaller rooms, a sliding door wardrobe makes the most sense as they occupy the least amount of space since the door’s hinge won’t be taking up any extra area.

What style should I opt for?

Wardrobes have hundreds of different options in terms of styles, from timeless classics to slick contemporary modern styles and even French boudoir for those who like having their room give off a Royal vibe. In any case, your wardrobe’s general aesthetic style is determined by two deciding factors.

Firstly, your natural choice. If you’re in for a clean, minimalistic look, chances are you won’t be looking for the flashiest wardrobe out there. On the other hand, there are some styles which look better according to their size.

For example, a Scandinavian chic-styled wardrobe has a lot of embossing and well-crafted edges. Consequently, they look much better on a larger frame rather than a small one.

In any case, the world is your oyster when it comes to style. However, make sure that you spend more time deciding on your wardrobe’s size and what compartments the inner frame will consist of!


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