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People Who Need CPR Training: 4 Major Groups

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CPR training Cardi opulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life saving technique that utilizes chest compressions and artificial respiration in combination or individually to force air back into the lungs and restore breathing.The CPR also restores the blood circulation to the heart and brain before any irreversible damage is caused.

CPR is especially beneficial in emergency situations where there may not be a doctor or nurse to help the victim. Thus, an individual who knows CPR can be of much help in such situations when there is a medical emergency. CPR training is useful for everyone. It not only teaches you the process of administering the techniques but also gives you agility to respond aptly in difficult situations.

Although, everyone can benefit from learning CPR, there are some people from healthcare and other fields who need to know CPR as part of their professions.

Four such professions are discussed below.

1. Nurses: During a patient’s stay in the hospital, it is the nurse who has maximum and continuous contact with him. The nurse is responsible for various activities such as taking blood samples, giving medicines, monitoring vital signs, and teaching the patient about his health and treatment. There may be times when a patient becomes unconscious, has a cardiac arrest, or stops breathing, and the nurse has to perform CPR to save his life. It is the nurse who gets the patient out of danger until the doctor arrives. Thus it is essential for the nurse to undergo CPR training. It is generally a part of their nursing degree and mandatory for all nurses.

2. Paramedics: When an accident occurs on the road and the ambulance is called the paramedics are the first ones to arrive on the scene. They are the first medical contact a patient has. Thus, they are required to make a quick assessment of the patient and provide basic and immediate treatment to stabilize the patient. Many times, the emergency is a cardiac arrest and the paramedic must administer CPR to save the patient’s life. Therefore, these professionals are required to be CPR certified to face such situations so that they do the needful without causing any further damage to the patient.

3. Lifeguards: In addition to being proficient swimmers, lifeguards are also required to know CPR. This is because there are always bound to be drowning accidents at the beach. The victim becomes unconscious and breathing is affected. The lifeguards steps in here to provide CPR and restore breathing. Thus lifeguards must enroll in CPR training and learn all the proper techniques.

4. Physical Trainers: The generation today is highly conscious of health and exercise. Individuals get guidance from a physical trainer and perform their exercises under him. Sometimes exerting the body while performing an exercise or your health condition may cause breathing problems. If the physical trainer is aware of CPR techniques he will be able to handle the situation until an ambulance arrives.

Thus you see why these special people are required

To be CPR certified. However, is good for others to learn CPR too. You never know when you may encounter a situation where your services are needed

Most jobs require CPR training not only those with health care courses are required to undergo CPR training. Other jobs such as trainers and soldiers need to have this certification since their jobs are more likely to be exposed to situations of cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. A well performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation is emphasized by the American heart association because a poor performance is no use in an emergency situation. A CPR provider must know well and master the CPR guidelines to effectively save the victim’s life. The CPR provider’s interventions must be well grounded on the theories learned during the training. Proper techniques must be performed well.

These are the jobs that require CPR training:


CPR trainer CPR certification is one of the major requirements before one becomes a medical doctor. This is one of the responsibilities a medical doctor should do, reviving the patient not only in the hospital setting but in any other setting as they have taken the Hippocratic Oath.


CPR skills and certification are needed by nurses since this responsibility also rests on them. If the medical doctor is not available, the nurse can provide emergency cardiovascular care himself or herself. Basic life support certification is usually the only requirement that is needed of nurses.

-Emergency response provider and paramedic

This is the main requirement of emergency response providers. It is what defines their work. These professionals have mastered the basic skills of emergency cardiovascular care and additional courses of advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support. Renewal of certification every two years is necessary.


One would not be a lifeguard if he or she doesn’t have the CPR certification more importantly, the skills. Lifeguards are needed on pool areas, seashores, ships and etc. Providing CPR is their job along with water safety.


Also known as an emergency response provider, these professionals not only kills the fire but also saves lives with some CPR skills.


This is also part of their jobs. While they look for peace and order, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also provided by them.


This job not only protects lives but also saves lives. Almost every country requires CPR certification for every soldier.


Dance trainers, gymnast trainers and sports trainers need to know CPR especially when they are handling children.


Coaches, especially school coaches are required to have CPR training.

-Nursing Assistant

When the doctor and the nurse are not available, the nurse assistant provides CPR. The nursing assistant can also be the second rescuer in a two man rescue.

-Youth leader

Leaders are always looked up to especially during emergencies so it is best to undergo CPR training if you are a youth leader.

-Medical technician

Medical technicians does not only control the machine used in hospitals and clinics but they also provide CPR when needed.

-Hospital Volunteers

When you are working in a hospital, you need to know the CPR guidelines because ignorance is never an excuse.

-Construction Workers

CPR trainer Construction workers who know CPR training have a higher value in the workplace and to employers as well.

-Hospitality Staff

CPR is one of the skills of a hospitality staff. This staff is needed in hotels and establishments with pools


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