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Top 10 Payment Gateways For Cryptocurrency

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Cryptos are on the rise around the world. Therefore, a Crypto Payment Gateway becomes firm support for your firm. With the revolution of cryptocurrencies today, you need a payment processing channel to process payments online. There are various Crypto Payment Providers around the world.

However, not every one of them will provide you with the best solutions. Due to the volatility of Bitcoin and other Altcoins, the payment gateway needs to transfer the payment and convert it into fiat currencies immediately. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best CryptoCurrency Payment Gateways that will help your business.

Crypto Payment Gateway Provider BitPay

BitPay is one of the leading Crypto Payment Gateway Providers around the globe. Bitpay has various features that your business needs. Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Prevention are some of them. These features allow you to carry out your business without any second thought.

Moreover, with the best conversion rates for your business, BitPay provides a Payment Gateway to process online Crypto Payments with ease.


CoinGate is a well-known name in the industry. Accepting Crypto Payments with CoinGate is easy. Moreover, they have quick integration potential. Therefore, the crypto payment gateway can be easily integrated with your website to accept online payments.

CoinGate’s Payment Gateway readily generates invoices for the consumers and merchants.


Amald has a dedicated merchant assistance team. Therefore, they offer the best services to Crypto Merchants. They have a high-risk appetite, i.e., Amald accepts merchants regardless of High-Risk Geolocations.

Loaded with all the essential features such as Fraud Prevention, Chargeback Management, Powerful Dashboard, Easy Checkout, and Global Card Saving features, Amald is one of the best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway providers around the world.

International Ikajo

Ikajo is a regarded name in the crypto payment service provider industry. Ikajo deals in high-risk sectors around the world. Therefore, Ikajo offers fraud prevention and chargeback protection tools to merchants.

They have good services and support for the high-risk merchants as well. Therefore, Ikajo is a good choice for Crypto Payments.


CoinPayments has made accepting crypto payments easy. They accept over 70 Cryptocurrencies conventionally. Thus, it will be easy for your to start accepting crypto payments around the globe.

It is a CA-based company operating in multiple countries today. However, they are in denial with High-Risk businesses.


CoinBase’s Payment Processing Channel can be integrated into WooCommerce and Shopify to accept online crypto payments. It is a Crypto Payment Gateway with flexible invoicing capabilities.

They also have altcoin support along with Bitcoin for ease of payment.


The company provides merchant account and payment processing solutions. They are the Crypto Payment Providers who offer an overall solution for your business. You can exchange, store and spend cryptocurrencies securely with ALFACoins.

Start with a Merchant Account to Payment Processing for a complete solution.


SpicePay provides blockchain payments for the global marketplace. Therefore, crypto payment processing is indeed easy with their gateway. They offer low cost and high security for accepting online payments through crypto.

Therefore, it will be an excellent choice for your business with multiple facilities.


GoURL is a fine choice for those who don’t have a bank account for accepting online payments with high risk merchant account. They allow payment processing directly to your Crypto Wallet. Thus, your consumers can pay online, and you don’t have to worry about the payment to reach your wallet.

You can accept payments on your site or use their Monetiser for payments.


Supporting over 50 Cryptocurrencies worldwide, NOWPayments allows you to accept online crypto payments from various consumers. NOWPayment’s Crypto Payment Gateway can smoothly take the consumer’s choice for crypto coins.

You will get merchant support for your business to thrive.


To sum up, these are some of the top Crypto Payment Providers around the globe. Most of the Gateway Providers have a low-risk appetite. In other words, they will consider your business’s geolocation, risk factor, unregulated areas, and much more.

On the other hand, Amald has a high-risk appetite for a business. Amald accepts merchants around the globe. This means that you have a great chance of getting a payment processing channel for your business irrespective of the geolocation and high-risk factor.

All you need is to reach Amald’s expert team and start with the Quick Integration of the payment gateway. Amald has an excellent track record for Fraud prevention and Chargeback Protection for High-Risk Merchants. If you are an active merchant for a payment gateway, the integration can be as quick as a single-day integration.

Last but not least, do remember to take a detailed look at each of the best cryptocurrency payment gateway providers listed above. It will help you to understand your needs and get a better choice for your business.


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