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Panama VPS: Independent & Affordable Hosting for Startups

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Every startup has limited funds in its initial phase. So every penny needs to be spent very wisely. They need to opt for the best alternative available at a cost-effective price. The same goes while choosing a web hosting for the business. Hosting is the most crucial element and the performance of a website is highly dependant on it. 

Startups have different choices available for hosting their business website. But the question that arises is, which is the most productive web hosting available at an economical price? The answer is Panama VPS. The reason behind this is, VPS Hosting Panama provides a completely private server, with independent resources at a minimal cost. If you choose any other kind of web hosting, for instance, Shared Hosting, then you have to share your server with various other users. Else, if you select Dedicated Server, no doubt it will provide some excellent benefits but would cost a huge sum of money. 

Therefore the ultimate choice for Startups in Web Hosting is the Panama VPS. Serverwala VPS Hosting in Panama provides your business an affordable web hosting with 24/7 Support and premium resources. 

VPS Hosting in Panama vs Shared Hosting

Before getting into the various advantages of VPS Panama for Startups, let’s know more about VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting. 

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server is built out of a Physical Server separated into numerous virtual machines. Each virtual machine is dedicated to a single user and is connected to the web host through a hypervisor. Similar to a Shared Server, in VPS also there are multiple server users, but each user has its own set of resources and OS. 

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting which makes VPS in Panama a better choice –

  • In Shared Hosting the resources are restricted, so it’s difficult to manage high traffic.
  • Downtimes occur very frequently in a Shared Server.
  • Other websites may clog up the resources during high traffic which will slow down your performance. 
  • Poor Security is a huge risk for Shared Hosting Users.
  • You do not get root access to your server, hence you can’t install any additional software.
  • Lastly, the server resources cannot be expanded or customized.

Incredible Advantages of Panama VPS for Startups

Advantages of Panama VPS for Startups

The Panama VPS Hosting offers Startups the essential features required for faster growth of a business. You will get greater freedom, flexibility, security, and improved overall website performance. Let’s understand the benefits of VPS Hosting in detail.

Higher Website Reliability

The independent server space and separate resources in VPS Hosting Panama ensure that no other website could impact your performance. To achieve optimum loading time and super fast speed your server has enough resources required to handle traffic during peak times. Where in Shared Hosting your website’s reliability was affected by the traffic of other Shared Network users, in VPS it’s not the case. Here you have an isolated server, traffic from other websites could not impact your reliability. 

Top-Class Performance

To grow and to start earning profits every startup has to make certain that the website performs at its best. If the visitors get the best user experience they will be more likely to shop your products or services. With Serverwala’s VPS in Panama you will get greater RAM, Bandwidth, and Storage Space that helps the website load at a faster speed. It will improve your rate of conversion and Search Engine Rankings. 

Cost-Effective Pricing

Pricing is the most critical element which makes VPS the most preferred choice amongst startups. It is much less expensive than a Dedicated Server but provides almost all the benefits available in a Dedicated Server. The Panama VPS Plans of Serverwala start just from $44. They have 6 different VPS plans for different levels of websites.

Complete Control

VPS provides you the highest level of control over your server. It gives you root access which enables you to customize the server applications and software. You can deploy the tools and software necessary for your business operations. You can ease the functioning of your business and website using Root Access. Further, the security of the server can also be enhanced.

High Availability

One great benefit which you get in VPS Hosting is if your server crashes or faces downtime, you can move your website to another server. It helps in hassle-free website performance. 

Greater Server Security

Security is a very important aspect that impacts the conversion and sales of a business. To keep the sensitive data over the server safe you need to protect it with advanced security measures. With Serverwala’s Panama VPS Hosting you get a Dedicated IP Address that keeps you secured from malicious neighbors. Also, DDoS Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Firewalls, server monitoring, and other important security tools are deployed over the server. 

Private Resources

In VPS Hosting, each virtual server has its separate resources. Apart from your website, no one else has the access to your RAM, Disk Space, etc. Moreover, you could also increase the number of resources your website has, by upgrading your VPS plan.

Regular Data Backups

To avoid any loss of data during downtime or any other technical error, data backups are very essential. Serverwala ensures regular backups of your data and keeps it safe and secured. Moreover, you can easily install the backup on your computer whenever the need arises.

Technical Support

Whether you have the technical skills of server management or not, you may need technical support from the web host at any point in time. The server errors and technical glitches may sometimes last for a long time if not solved immediately. Serverwala provides 24/7 customer support with its Panama VPS Plan. Their technical team is available to resolve all the issues at the earliest time possible. You may easily connect with them through 24/7 Calling, Live Chat, or Email.


VPS Hosting is the most affordable web hosting solution for startups. It provides some incredible benefits which are missing in Shared Hosting. With Serverwala’s Panama VPS you get an independent virtual server with premium resources, advanced security, and higher server response time. Further, you also get the facility to upgrade the server plan or customize the resources as and when required. 

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