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Own an Italian Poncho? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Women have been wearing ponchos for a long time. A Poncho is a simple top-wear that goes with many attires. Women’s tunic tops, jeans, and an Italian poncho is such a stunning match. It is probably the simplest method to keep yourself warm in the most unforeseen places. It also doubles up as a makeshift rug when you just decide to spend the night under the vast sky, counting the stars and talking to your favourite person.

What is a poncho?

Poncho designs have originated from South America and these look-like large pieces of fabric, resembling a blanket, just with an outlet for the head. The contemporary fashionable ponchos may have hoods and pockets too, but they are fancy additions. There are a few ways to style a poncho.

Ways to Wear a Poncho

With Skinny Jeans

As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular ways to don a poncho is with skinny jeans and plus-size tunic tops. A turtleneck top with plus-size ponchos with skinny jeans is another great combination. A crossbody bag and ankle boots may be with a little fur would complete the look. If you have Suede Boots even that will work fine. It is a classic outfit. 

With Leggings

Have plus-size ponchos and are not sure how to wear them? Simply pair it with leggings. For this too, boots are the best companion. Choose a longish, Cashmere Poncho UK that will cover almost till your knees.

A Poncho Dress

When you do not feel like wearing a pair of jeans and a turtleneck top, you can go for a Poncho Dress. If you have a longish poncho, you can wear it as it is like a dress. You can also pair a chunky belt with this. If you want you can also wear a pair of stockings underneath, and nice shoes. A poncho dress is just a fancier break from the formal look that a poncho creates. You can also wear a poncho atop a dress and have a blend of two dresses, creating a unique silhouette. 

Poncho for the cool/cold season

There’s nothing cosier than a Cashmere Poncho UK. Like sweater dresses, ponchos will keep you comfortably warm. A Cashmere poncho is made of fine cashmere wool, which is a great choice as winterwear. Pair a full-sleeved t-shirt or a full-sleeved turtleneck top. Trust us, it would look amazing, and will cut the chill.

But is it too chilly to wear just a poncho outside? Wear a sweater underneath and atop, a cosy, cowl neck poncho. So now on, try switching your stoles and shrugs more with a poncho.

Poncho for the warm season

For not-so-cool months, we tend to wear a jacket now and then. From now on, try replacing jackets with ponchos. Pair a t-shirt, leggings, a poncho, aviator sunglasses, and a good pair of boots. Play with your outfits the way you like them, the way you want to wear them. Whatever makes you comfortable is that what matters.

To conclude,  

Italian ponchos are a greatly versatile outfit and there are many ways to wear them. We have suggested some, and it may happen so that you have many other ways to wear it. Be it at parties, at a function, at the office, or wearing it just casually proves the versatility of ponchos.

Some ponchos are just made for style and not functionality. They are made to complement your outfits and take your look a notch higher. All you need to know is your requirement that will help you choose the right pick. If for cooler days, go for something woolly, for warmer days cotton, net, georgette, crepe just works fine.

And the saying is so true which says that there is a wrong way to wear a poncho. With so many varieties of ponchos available online and at the stores, they are a great and a must for every wardrobe.  


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