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How to outsource mobile app development in 2021 – complete guide

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With over 2 million apps on the Play Store, the mobile app development industry has progressed into a multi-million dollar business. By 2020, it’s estimated that the amount of mobile users will grow to around 6 billion, accounting for over 194 billion app downloads. It means, for businesses, investing in mobile app development isn’t just a trend but a requirement of the days.

There are various ways to travel about developing an app: hiring an in-house team of developers, and outsourcing the app idea to an appropriate development company.

Outsourcing app ideas allows you to shorten the time frame for marketing, decrease overall costs, and ensure a far better quality of the merchandise. Around 52.5% of IT companies outsource their development projects.

Here, we’ll discuss the way to outsource mobile app development, the advantages of outsourcing, and therefore the total cost of outsourcing that you simply should expect:

What is outsourcing mobile app development

If an in-house team isn’t an option for your app development needs, then turning to a third-party development agency is your next most suitable option. Once you hire an outdoor agency to develop your app, you outsource mobile app development.

Outsourcing offers a way more extensive range of skills and knowledge than an in-house team as an app development firm concentrates on developing apps for a spread of companies. It means they need the expertise and therefore the tools to unravel any issues swiftly and aptly.

Additionally, with application development outsourcing, you’ve got multiple choices, unlike with an in-house team:

Options for outsourcing app development

With an in-house team, you simply get a group of people expertly in specific areas of app development processes. On the opposite hand, with outsourcing app development, you get diversity in who builds the app:

An offshore or onshore development company

Let’s explore the pros and cons of every option:


Development companies

You have an entire team at hand immediately.

From the value to the scope of the work, everything is recorded on paper to eliminate any discrepancies later.

A diverse range of experiences within the team.

The development process is organized with proper maintenance and post-launch services.

Freelance developers

More cost-effective compared to top-notch development companies.

An exceptional talent pool of developers exists among the freelancers.

Off-the-shelf solutions

Cheaper than designing custom apps.

Less time to launch.

Feature-rich apps.


Development companies

More expensive option than hiring freelancers and off-the-shelf apps.

Offer less flexibility in their mode of labour than freelancers.

Freelance developers

Limited specialisations in platforms and therefore the latest technologies.

No guarantee of the standard of labour and no client protection measures.

Communication and time-management is a problem, mainly if time zones are different.

Off-the-shelf solutions

A ready made app might not suit your needs.

Customisation and transition to a different platform are complicated.

Some features could also be unnecessary for your business.

Standard UI/UX design.

Updates in response to plug change are limited.

The company to outsource app development depends on the complexity of your app, the sort of app you would like, and your budget. If your app idea is straightforward with minimal features, then an off-the-shelf solution would be sufficient for your need, especially if you’re short on time with a limited budget.

Similarly, freelance developers are often an honest option if the app is straightforward in design and falls into the developers’ area of experience.

Contrarily, opting to outsource app development to a full-cycle development company gives you access to a team of specialists. Android and iOS developers, UI/UX designers, QA testing team, also as project managers, and business analysts are a part of the deal. The individual experts would work together as a team to create the app from scratch, making offshore mobile application development the simplest choice for custom app design.

Benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing app development offers more flexibility in terms of cost and features, app design, and allows leveraging advanced technologies. It’s many advantages over in-house development, a number of them are:

Faster turnaround

Outsourcing app development offers a quicker turnaround than an in-house team or freelance developers. With an offshore development company, project managers and business analysts also are a part of the package. It means the corporate will regulate the event processes to make sure the timely delivery of the app and client satisfaction.

Additionally, with an in-house team, the developers may need to coordinate their tasks with other projects on their plate. So, app development will take a extended time than it’ll if you outsource the project.

More extensive talent pool for developers

An in-house team comprises of limited individuals, minimising the expertise to a selected level. With application development outsourcing, on the opposite hand, you’ve got access to diverse developers’ talent pool. Outsourcing to companies or freelancers in Europe, Asia, or Africa, allows you to leverage the talent in these regions.

Additionally, you’ll outsource iPhone app development or Android development to one development firm. With access to a broader talent pool, offshore companies have developers for native apps or hybrids for iOS, Android, and Windows development.

Access to different technologies under one roof

Another advantage of outsourcing is that you simply can find all the newest technologies for app development under one roof.

For full-cycle development companies, app and web development are their bread and butter. Thus, they need experts with ample knowledge of the simplest techniques for software development and therefore the tools to place their skills to use. Additionally, companies even have access to the newest technologies.


While outsourcing gives you less control over the event processes, it’s far more cost-effective than an in-house team. Outsourcing to agencies based within the US will cost less, and offshore mobile application development to companies in Europe, India, and Africa is even cheaper .

Additionally, with in-house hiring, you would like to take a position during a team of developers and therefore the technology to develop an app. The general cost of hiring new employees, making arrangements for his or her workspace and therefore the equipment for development is quite the value of hiring an offshore agency.

Development agencies charge an hourly rate that has the value of developers, equipment, maintenance, and post-launch services.

How to outsource app development?

With the advantages of outsourcing done, let’s see the way to outsource app development to offshore or onshore agencies. like hiring any development company, you would like to make certain of what you would like for your business before you reach bent software companies. Here are the steps you would like to require for outsourcing your app idea:

Solid outline

A top-notch development company will offer its insight and analysis of your business needs, but it’s better to possess an initial idea of your aim with the merchandise and therefore the way forward for the corporate. Knowing what you would like will help find a development agency that matches your needs.

Furthermore, if you outsource app development to freelancers rather than a corporation, your research is even more invaluable. Miscommunication will cause the creation of an app completely different from your expectations.

So, when outlining your app idea, keep the subsequent questions in mind:

  • How will the app help within the progress of the company?
  • What is the aim of the app? What problem does it resolve for the target users?
  • Do you need a native app for iOS and Android or a hybrid app?
  • What features does one want within the app?

Highlighting your requirements with the app design and performance will help narrow down the list of offshore app development companies or freelancers that you simply can hire. It’ll also make sure the product delivered is as you expected.

Estimate your budget

Estimating the allow mobile app development should be included in your initial business analysis. The quantity you allocate for the app will determine the choices available to you, including in-house development, offshore companies, or off-the-shelf solutions.

Ready made mobile apps are the most cost effective option offering minimal features and standard UI/UX. The value of custom apps, on the opposite hand, depends on a spread of things, including the complexity of the app, platform, features, and more. For instance, an easy app can cost up to $50,000+ whereas complex apps can rate as high as $300,000+.

Mobile app development may be a little costly, but there are end-to-end software development companies or freelancers that build apps from the bottom abreast of a budget-friendly price.

Research developers

Before you’ll outsource app development, you would like to research the app developers that match your requirements. Check their experience with the iOS or Android platforms, their skills with the technologies you would like in your app, and more. The geography and mode of communication are other factors you would like to think about when choosing an outsourcing app development firm.

The outsourcing agencies are divided into three categories supported their location relative to your company: onshore, nearshore, and offshore. Onshore developers are those within the same country as yours, whereas nearshore companies are within the bordering nations. Offshore, contrarily, are the developers based furthest away.

When you want to outsource web application development, determine the situation of the event company early in your research. With onshore app developers, you’ll expect smooth communication. But if you’re based within the US, onshore companies are going to be costlier than offshore app developers.

Therefore, when considering outsourcing app development, research the developers also. Besides their location, consider the subsequent factors:

Portfolio: Check their collection to research their experience in app development. Do they need attractive, user-oriented applications in their portfolio?

Tech Stack: Make sure the team has the expertise to leverage the technologies required by your app idea.

Industry: Does the agency have experience working with a client within the same industry as you?

Client References: What do their past clients say about their quality of service?

Partners: Is that the company during a partnership with leading tech companies like Google?

Analysing these factors will help in shortlisting potential agencies that suit your requirements, making it easier to contact them for his or her services.

Service model

Not only does one have multiple options with outsourcing app development, but you’ll also choose the service model that matches your needs. There are three sorts of service models in app development:


Project-based service models imply that the team has predetermined requirements they have to succeed in within an outlined time frame. With everything outlined by the client, it makes them liable for the merchandise quality rather than the technologies utilised in development.

A project-based model includes limited team members, an outlined timeline, and a hard and fast budget. Additionally, the project outcome also depends on the backlog the outsourcing company has.

Dedicated teams

Through the ‘dedicated team’ service model, the outsourcing company is liable for allocating resources to your project, ensuring personal management and process quality. The dedicated resources include a full-cycle development team with Project Managers and Business Analysts outlining the project pipeline or offering complete services.

The outsourcing company is liable for assigning tasks, dedicating team leaders, ensuring proper project management, scheduling tasks, and following abreast of the project status. The client holds the decision-making power in project management, but at varying degrees.

Out-staff working model

Out-staff or extended team means allocating a number of the tasks to resources outside the corporate and providing them the space to figure also. Since the client is hiring individuals for specific tasks, they’re going to be liable for regulating the event process, working time, vacations, and salaries. They might be managing the project, promoting within the team, and ensuring the members are motivated.

Between the three options, startups and small-scale businesses prefer project-based working models. Mid-sized companies choose a fanatical team, while enterprises hire specialists for specific tasks within the project’s budget.

Mode of payment

With an extended team or out-staff hiring, you pay the individuals monthly salary like all other company employee. But if you choose a fanatical team or a project-based working model, you’ll choose the payment model also .

A fixed price is applicable if the project is comparatively small-scale, with a limited budget, an outlined scope of labour, and an estimated timeline. It’s ideal for startups who also got to develop an MVP.

Time and Material, on the opposite hand, is named Pay as You pass companies that use an Agile development process. The client and therefore the development company choose the hourly rates of every developer during the initial project meetings, then the client pays the dues supported the particular development time.

The software development companies choose Time and Material payment model when the scope of labor is tough to predetermine. It’s also the simplest option when clients got to make adjustments to the project requirements without changing the agreement.

Where to seek out outsource agencies?

With the mobile app development industry progressing, there are various sources on the web where you’ll look for outsourcing development companies. From freelancers to industry-leading agencies, there are sites dedicated to all:

  • B2B Directories – Clutch and Good Firm are two of the highest B2B platforms listing software development companies for outsourcing app development. They group agencies supported their location, rating, and expertise.
  • Freelance Websites – Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour are top platforms for freelancers and employers to attach. Here you’ll hire expert individuals or outsourcing teams for a fixed-price or hourly rate.
  • Blogs – Development teams also run tech blogs where they post tips and case studies showcasing their expertise. Sites just like the Manifest also post blogs listing top development companies within the world.
  • Design Networks – Full-cycle development companies offer both coding and designing services. Design networks like Behance or Dribble are platforms where freelancers or development teams showcase their skills. Here you’ll analyze their portfolio before outsourcing app development.

How much does it cost to outsource app development?

App development cost depends on many factors, including the complexity of the app, features, platform, the tools used, and more. Even the situation of the outsourcing company influences the entire cost of the app. US-based development agencies and freelancers, generally charge above the offshore companies in Europe or India.

Additionally, freelancers’ hourly rates also differ by location. For instance, a developer based within the US will agitate to $61 per hour, whereas a developer in India will cost $18 per hour. Similarly, a project manager within the US and Western Europe will charge from $40-$84 per hour, but in India or Eastern Europe, the rates will drop to $21-$37 per hour.

App development cost with a full-cycle development company are going to be $10,000 on the average. Most project sizes range from $5000 to $10,000 including $10,000 maintenance costs once a year .

Is outsourcing mobile app development right for you?

Outsourcing mobile app development may be a risky feat, especially if you venture ahead unprepared. The selection of company or freelancer you hire will determine how smooth your experience goes with app development.
You can easily find efficient android app developers experts for your project with some research.

I hope the article helps you understand the ins and out of outsourcing app development. Share your idea with our experts, and we’ll assist you design the app to fit your business needs.


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