Our Camps Provide Deliberate Sessions Full of Direct Coach-to-athlete Training in All Areas of the Sport.

Training Camps

Training Camps:

Are you looking for a fun, safe, and contented place to lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle so that you can feel calm in your skin, self-assured in your clothes, and have the energy and forte to keep up with kids and enjoy being lively? If you’re like most people, the probabilities are you’ve tried to lose weight and get in shape before, but didn’t get the outcomes you wanted.

We know how trying and perplexing that procedure can be and opportunely for you, you’ve landed on our site and are now one step away from the connection the thousands before you who have gotten the consequences, they’ve been penetrating for using our verified and repeatable fitness formula that gets twice the outcomes in half the time.

Training will be inclusive of asset and training, leadership and communication, mental durability, and more. All performance training camps will get a post-camp analysis report comprehensive of coach feedback and comprehensive metrics.

Personal Training:

Personal Training enhances an additional level of customization and answerability to your fitness program, and the suitability to organize sessions to fit your busy schedule. Be it body-fat or weight loss, accumulation muscle tenor and description, improving overall health, or all of the above, plan a free consultation to see how we can assist you to reach your goals today.


  • Camps are obtainable year-round, with January-March, June-August, and December as the most general months amid athletes. It’s vital to book at least 6 months ahead to standby your spot and ensure obtainability.
  • Campers can encompass their camp stay while on campus, pending embarkation and sports training accessibility.
  • Prices may rise closer to the reservation date, so book initially to save.
  • Multi-week campers classically book one of our supervised off-campus trips to relax and enjoy time with other campers at one of Florida’s theme parks, like Disney, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, or even attend a Tampa Rays game.
  • Groups of 5 or more can accept a reduced rate for booking together. Simply call our camp advisors to make a group booking to save. 

Join Mallorca Training Camps for a fabulous experience. 

Our training Coaching Group camps are fabulous! Whether you are a skilled cyclist or just starting, we have a camp that will be flawlessly suitable for you. By the end of the week, we’ll have you feeling like a professional! Our camps booking are open, Don’t delay. Reserve your advert today!

Base Miles:


We focus on your overall fitness. Our camps contain steady aerobic training with many speed group workouts to upsurge your strength and durability in the saddle.

Power Training:


We created training with influence. You can take benefit of our acquaintance and improve your training. We employ time rereading your files to help you healthier recognize your power-file and ride data.



Are you engrossed in an event or a goal? Emphasis is an excessive driving force. Lease us put our practice to work. We will train you to achieve achievement through confidence in your marathon event or race.


We like to have one penultimate trial for every camp. It offers everyone the chance to find their limits and it makes a one-of-a-kind experience. We build in these trials so that it is ambitious but also possible as well as wide-ranging for different campers. 

At our Mallorca Training Camps, you will also get the fortuitous to race around on the Vista Crit Course and path, just like our Olympians do previously in the games. One thing you will identify for sure- you will leave camp feeling sturdier, more skillful, and with recollections to last a lifetime.

Our goal:

Our goal is simple- give you the best involvement possible. Give you loads of personal attention. Make all and sundry better than when they arrived at camp. And organize it all at a price so that you can come to more than one camp in your lifetime… or a year.

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