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How To Stay Organized And Meet Deadlines?

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Habits usually make or break a person. That’s why it is important to invest in good habits letting go of the bad ones. However, often individuals become a victim of a bad habit such as procrastination or stalling something that goes against the comfort level, like accepting a change or an innovation. When this happens, the best way is to try substituting it with instant action instead of delaying. If people are trying to change their old habits, the most important part is to understand them first. Therefore, common excuses of how not to do things are discussed below. Let’s take a look at some common problems that make us delay!


People think if the task is not important or it is challenging it is alright to stall it. Instead of doing that, decide on taking on the activity or just finish it off. On the other hand, sometimes people are just too focused on the priority activities while ignoring the ones in the line.

Often the need for more information delays a person. When this happens, people should try to get information by themselves or consult whoever is an expert on the particular topic. Too many tasks on the “to-do list” can burden individuals overwhelming them. This can be removed by prioritizing and removing unimportant tasks.

Another excuse is complaining about not having the right time, especially when people are already busy with different projects. Thus, the best way is to take a little time out of the busy schedule and perform the tasks in waiting.  Forgetting is another reason for delaying the activity so stop doing that. Take charge and finish the task. 


It is important to understand that excuses determine the success rate of individuals. However, we can solve these problems through effective methods. It is crucial to change this habit by simply learning not to delay the tasks through the following methods. Here are tried and tested ways to be organized in your personal and professional life. 

Use the 80/20 Rule to Make Decisions

Often people are confused about the importance of tasks. It is important in the first place to divide the tasks according to their significance. Subsequently, apply the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the effort on the main task will yield 80% of the required success rate. So, what to do with the other task that is written way down in the priority list? Either remove it or give it to someone else. Additionally, if the list is too long, just replace the new projects with the old ones that are not giving any results. Likewise, delaying can be good for things that are not giving any positive outcome.  So, keep those projects on the side under the someday list.  

Relate Every action to S.M.A.R.T Goal 

When people give no significance to the tasks, they stall them. So, it is important to create a daily to-do list that will contain everything for the day through establishing the SMART objectives, which expands into 

Specific – knowing and being clear about the concerned parties, places, and purpose. 

Measurable – Giving quantity to the outcomes creates an understanding of what and how much to do that task.  

Attainable – what is the use of having an objective that can never be achieved? Make smaller goals try acquiring them, and get closer to the major goal.

Relevant – it is crucial to perform the tasks which have a personal interest because they are easier to do than the ones which are forced by others. 

Time-bound – Every task has to have a time limit encouraging people to meet that time by focusing on it and ultimately progress. 

Capture your Ideas

It is important to write down the ideas that pop into people’s mind for a later date because they usually burden them causing to lose focus on the task at hand. Thus, note those extra thoughts, look into them once a week and try creating a daily plan.

Create a Folder System

Productivity depends on an updated and organized filing system. It is crucial to assign a specialized area for this purpose and organize the place with cabinets, an organized system and look into it once a week. Further, set aside a date in a month to look into the activities, erase out the unnecessary items, and add daily reminders for the current working day.

Create Project Lists 

It is important to properly define the tasks with respect to their priority because it will help individuals to clearly determine what should be done first. So, write down the major changes separately along with it’s the expected results. Create a daily action plan, try to take the time out to perform one single task from that list, and keep on updating the notes. 

Create a Checklist For Everything 

A schedule with a list of to-do items is quite important for getting things done. Therefore it is important to create a file that contains step-by-step systematic activities which can be reviewed and changed according to the requirements. 

Batch similar routine tasks 

Often people tend to forget essential things that seem quite simple. However, it is important to create a continuous habit of grouping and doing those activities one by one so that they will become a spontaneous activity or a routine. 

Single Handle Processes And Projects 

Most of the time, people end up burdening themselves when they try to do a lot of things at once. When this happens, the right way is to break the tasks into smaller important ones and try doing them in their allotted time. 

Schedule a Weekly Review 

It is important for the individuals to go through and evaluate the activities planned and implemented because it helps to create different changes, take out unworthy plans and choose a better course of action. 

Use a Mobile App

Trello, Todoist, and Asana are a few amazing apps designed to help you be organized and on time. You can also use some other apps from different mobile app development companies to best suit your needs. A mobile app can help you track your habits and tasks at a one-stop solution. Apps can help you be on time through reminders and unique features to help you complete your tasks within the deadline. 

Do a Monthly Review 

Companies do prosper when they invest time in making monthly evaluations by going through the set goals and objectives, how much of it is being completed, what else is needed, adding important tasks in the form of a to-do list, and extracting the ones which are of no use.


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