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Online Quran Courses For Children And Adults 2021

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Gone are the days when you had to find a qualified Online Quran Tuition for your child. Now all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. Quran for kids is an online academy for children and adults. Where you can learn Quran online with the help of Tajweed Online Quran Tuition .

They offer an excellent service for online classes. And lessons taught by professional and well-trained teachers via Skype. The service is available 24/7 and the registration process is very easy! Besides, they offer all newcomers a free one-week trial of Quran study.


They offer you three courses

Basic course. This includes learning the Arabic alphabet, recognizing the Arabic alphabet. Correct pronunciation practice and a whiteboard course. Knowing and understanding the Arabic alphabet is the first step in learning Arabic.
Islamic education. This includes reciting short sura recitations, learning to pray, reciting daily duas. And learning the principles of Islam. Short suras whenever you start doing something.

Such as eating food, going home, etc. The college teaches children to recite sura and duas . Instructors develop new strategies to engage children’s interest.

Tajweed and travel. Combining Online Quran Tuition study with Tajweed teaches complete Quran recitation. As well as Quran recitation and translation. The importance of studying the Quran is an obligatory act. That every Muslim should perform. The Tajweed course is an online course for all children. Besides, the Institute offers free taster sessions for all three courses.

Learning the Qur’an with Tajweed for beginners

If you in learning about Islam and want to learn about Islam, you should enrol on this course. This course is ideal for students who want to study the Quran and learn about Islam. Even if you do not know Arabic or only know the basics.

Objectives of this course

Recognise the 28 Arabic letters
Understand the relationship between vowel signs and the Arabic alphabet.
Practise pronouncing Arabic sentences and words.
Understand basic Islamic values
Practise pronouncing Arabic verses .
Put in place the laws of Tajweed when studying the Qur’an.
Recite Qur’an, duas, kalimahs, etc.

Facilities provided

This site teaches Quran online from the comfort of your home via the Internet and your phone or computer. In this online Quran academy. Professional teachers will guide you through the basics of Arabic. You will start by learning the alphabet, but then you will learn to read Arabic sentences.

Quran memorization and Tafseer

If you are looking for a platform to learn Arabic, this might be the best option for you. For those who understand Arabic well, this course may be perfect. Knowledge of Tajweed (pronunciation) and the rules of reciting. The Quran will be an advantage for the simplified learner.

Course objectives

Recitation of the Holy Qur’an
A thorough understanding of the rules of Tajweed.
To master the recitation of the Holy Qur’an (Qirat).
Revision methods

Facilities provided

If you about your child’s Quran learning, this is the perfect course for your child. It provides the best facilities for teaching your children about the Quran. Childhood is an ideal age for memorizing and mastering the concepts. Childhood is the right age to start learning the Quran.

Yet, if you are an adult and want to learn the Qur’an, do not hesitate to do so. Memorizing the Qur’an is one of the most favorable obligations one can fulfil as a Muslim. It is the best act you can present to Allah.
You will be well trained to become a hafiz (reciter of the Qur’an). Who will further the cause of Islam in the future. They will provide you with well-trained Quran teachers. Who are ready to help you recite the Quran in the best possible way. These teachers have a wealth of experience and can help you on your journey to learning the Quran.

Quran translation

If you are at an intermediate level and want to learn more, this course is best suited for you. It for students. Who already know the basics of the Arabic alphabet and to reading the Quran. If you want to read the Quran in Tajweed, start with the beginner course.

Course objectives

Memorizing the Qur’an through translations

Understanding the Qur’an

Interpreting the holy book

Examination course

Facilities provided

Online Quran translation classes to help readers understand Online Holy Quran Teaching. Learning to read the Quran is great, but the main goal of a Muslim must be to understand. The meaning of the Holy Book and apply it to everyday life. This course will help you understand the stories in the Qur’an, the commandments of Allah.


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