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Establish Your Market Presence By Starting An Online Food Ordering App

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Online food ordering apps have almost become a feasible option for individuals to buy their food from restaurants with just a few clicks. With digitization, the food industry has been facing a huge revolution in recent years. The introduction of online food delivery apps almost reduced the users’ interest in dine-ins. 

Post-pandemic restaurants face huge restrictions from governments. This has resulted in them joining hands with aggregator food delivery apps to increase their sales volume and business growth. Moreover, the food delivery app market has been considerably performing well in the market, which has resulted in entrepreneurs marching towards the food delivery silo. How excited are you about launching your venture in the food delivery market? This blog will surely be the roadmap that can guide you in starting your food delivery business.  

How does a food ordering app work? 

When it comes to online food delivery, there are various types of apps. These apps are developed in the lines of different business models as adopted by the service providers or app owners. Have a deep understanding of how these apps function in general. 

  • The first on the list is the aggregator apps, also known as third-party apps. These apps offer a platform to connect the customers with the restaurants. The users can place their orders with the restaurants through these apps. They provide delivery support to the users through their delivery fleet.
  • The platform-to-customer model gives a platform for restaurants to feature their menu for the users to order their food. Here, in case the restaurants do not have their own delivery fleet, they can seek assistance from the apps to deliver their orders. 
  • The stand-alone apps are usually preferred by the restaurants and hotels that wish to deliver their food orders directly to the customers. They maintain their stand-alone apps through which the users can book their food orders.   

Functionalities of a food ordering app  

Restaurant registration  

This is the foundation stage where you have to convince restaurants to partner with your app to streamline their business. The success of your app depends on the number of restaurants you list on your app. This will create traffic to your business. So, you can acquire more customers for the app.  

Setting up the menu

Upon registering with the platform, the restaurant owners can create their own list of menu with attractive pictures. They can list them on the app along with their description and pricing. However, they can publish all these necessary information in the app. 

Marketing and promotional activities  

This is the important part of your business where you have to market your online delivery platform to the customers. You can advertise through digital marketing or social media to allure the users. This will improve your brand visibility among people.  

Exploring and ordering dishes  

The users are given the liberty to search either using the dish name or by entering the restaurants on the search bar. The advanced search bar provides top search results in the blink of an eye. Through this, the users can place their orders swiftly.  

Orders reach the restaurants

The order request placed by the users will reach the restaurants. The app calculates the delivery time and circulates it to the users.  Generally, the restaurants will take around 30 to 40 minutes to complete an order.  

Order acceptance and preparation time 

The restaurants will have their own designated tablets that give them notifications about the orders. They have the freedom to either accept them or reject them. When they accept the orders, the users will also simultaneously get notified. Once the food is ready, the status will be updated in the app. 

Assigning of Delivery agents 

Now, the app will start looking for nearby delivery agents through its in-built GPS tracking system. However, the drivers’ app will send their locations to the software, which in turn will send the tasks to the drivers. The one who accepts the orders first will reach the restaurants to pick up the food. 

Picking up of orders and delivering them to the customers

The delivery partners will reach the restaurants and receive the food parcels. When they pick up the order, the delivery status gets changed in the app. The driver will start their march towards the customers’ address. The users can also track the location of the delivery agents through their app. After delivering the orders to the users, the app will be notified as “ Order delivered.”

Sharing the feedback and review 

The users will receive their food from the agents, after which they can also give their feedback and review. The users can also place their complaints if the food is not delivered on-time. 

Wrapping up,

The online food delivery model is highly lucrative and has been benefiting entrepreneurs for a while. As mentioned, you can also choose your own business model wisely according to your budget and feasibility. Get a reputed app development firm on board to start your online food ordering app.


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