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One Piece Arcs: All Arcs Ranked from Worst to Best

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At the time of writing this, it has spun 1001 chapters and hasn’t dropped a bit in quality. 

One Piece filler has a few extraordinary arcs and it is an overwhelming errand to rank them. However, here it goes, every one of the 29 arcs positioned from most noticeably terrible great to best. 

Syrup Village 

The beginning of One Piece is viewed as lethargic and the Syrup Village circular segment is its greatest guilty party. With most One Piece arcs, you either have plot movement with information dump or stunning activity scenes. In any case, Syrup Vilage circular segment isn’t fruitful in both of them. 

It crossed for 10 entire scenes with a terrible speed with no plot movement. For correlation, Reverie circular segment, Jaya bend, and Loguetown all range under 10 scenes with a profound effect on the story. Another huge issue is the helpless foe in Kuro and his subordinates. 

Outstanding Moments: 

• Getting Go Merry and selecting Usopp. 

Long Ring Long Land 

This circular segment centers around a challenge between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Foxy Pirates, called the “Davy Back Fight”. The bend all alone is very good and interesting. 

Davy Back Fight is an intriguing idea and showed us that not everything in the privateer world is about animal strength. We previously had Skypiea which went off the digression to the principle story and this happening after Skypiea didn’t help. 

Generally it was an interesting bend and a charming quiet circular segment before the showstopper Water 7 adventure. 

Outstanding Moments: 

• Luffy’s Afro. 

• Meeting of Aokiji 

Orange Town 

This bend zeroed in on the experience with Buggy. We will see Luffy, Zoro, and Nami cooperate interestingly. Cart was cool and his set of experiences with Shanks added some interest, however his subordinates were faltering and weren’t actually fascinating. 

The battle with Buggy was astounding as this is the first occasion when we see two fallen angel natural product clients battle one another. Generally it is a strong curve. 

Eminent Moments: 

• Zoro’s and Luffy’s battle. 

• Chouchou’s Story. 

Invert Mountain 

This is an extremely short curve of only 2 scenes however both these scenes represent One Piece’s fundamental topic which is experience. Going Merry ascending the converse mountain and getting gulped by a whale are extraordinary instances of astounding world structure and the topic of experience when all is said in done. 

Remarkable Moments: 

• Meeting Laboon. 

• Climbing Reverse Mountain. 

Get back To Sabaody 

This is the gathering circular segment of the Strawhats after the two-year time skip. It has some healthy scenes where we will see looks at the Strawhats improvement in the time skip. There is nothing negative to say about this bend yet isn’t the main circular segment in the arrangement. 

Striking Moments: 

• Luffy Observational Haki. 

• Fake Strawhats. 

• Zoro and Sanji versus Pacifista. 

Sentiment Dawn 

This is the absolute first bend of the arrangement and it was a flawless prologue to Luffy and Zoro. The origin story of Luffy with Shanks is short yet satisfies its motivation faultlessly. 

Despite the fact that spreading over only three scenes, both Luffy and Zoro become in a flash affable characters for watchers. 

Prominent Moments: 

• Shanks not battling the scoundrels. 

• Introduction of Luffy and Zoro. 

Bourbon Peak 

Whisky Peak circular segment centers around the occasions in Whiskey Peak where Straw Hats experience Baroque works’ representatives. Zoro cuts 100 abundance trackers without help from anyone else and Luffy battles Zoro for the solitary time ever. 

Vivi is uncovered as the princess of Alabasta. And furthermore Crocodile and Baroque Works are uncovered in this curve. This is an extraordinary set up bend for the future Alabasta circular segment. 

Prominent Moments: 

• Luffy versus Zoro. 

• Zoro versus Bounty Hunters. 

• Reveal of Crocodile and Baroque Works. 

Little Garden 

Little Garden Arc is the first occasion when we are acquainted with monsters. We will investigate the way of life of the fighter race, the goliaths. The battle scenes between Baroque Works specialists (Mr.3, Mr.5, Miss Valentine, Miss Goldenweek) and Strawhats are quite strong. Generally speaking it is a really good bend. 

Remarkable Moments: 

• Sanji phones Crocodile. 

Drum Island 

Luffy meets Chopper while saving Nami from an extreme affliction. Subsequent to crushing Wapol, Luffy figures out how to select Chopper who turns into the specialist of the team. The flashback of Chopper is truly stunning and the remainder of the curve is quite strong as well. 

Eminent Moments: 

• Hiluluk’s discourse at his demise. 

• Luffy saves Nai and Sanji in the wake of ascending mountain. 

Amazon Lily 

Amazon Lily is likely the most fragile circular segment of the Summit war Saga however it is still strong all alone all things considered. It is a genuinely short circular segment that centers around Luffy’s endeavor in Amazon Lily island which is the foundation of Kuja Pirates drove by Boa Hancock. 

We find out about Conqueror’s Haki and a touch of history about servitude by Celestial Dragon. By and large this goes about as an extraordinary arrangement bend for Impel Down and Marineford arcs. 

Eminent Moments: 

• It has Boa Hancock. 

• Luffy’s Conquerors Haki 

• Boa experiences passionate feelings for Luffy 


This is one of the best East Blue arcs that occur after the lethargic and exhausting Syrup Village circular segment. The presentation of Mihawk and data about the perils of the Grand Line are a portion of the central issues in the arrangement. 

The circular segment accentuates the way that Grandline is a burial ground for privateers and shouldn’t be trifled with, and how frail Luffy and Zoro are contrasted with the elites of the world. 

Prominent Moments: 

• Mihawk versus Zoro. 

• Sanji is selected to the group. 


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