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On what day is the best time to buy cryptocurrency

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It is difficult to say when and in what particular market the idea of dollar cost averaging arose. There is no doubt that this strategy is actively used until now. Among investors and traders, there are both its fans and those who are rather skeptical about it and are looking for alternatives.

What is the essence of DCA

The dollar cost averaging strategy aims to mitigate the impact of volatility in asset purchases. This strategy involves the regular acquisition of an asset in equal quantities or for an equal amount.

With this method of entering the market, it is possible to significantly reduce the level of asset volatility compared to a one-time payment. Buying at regular intervals smooths out the average price and in the long run the negative impact on investment is reduced.

What is DCA used for?

Choosing the right time to enter the market is one of the most difficult tasks in investing and trading. Situations where a deal does not bring the desired result due to bad timing are quite an ordinary event. Dollar cost averaging mitigates the impact of this risk category.

If you divide your investment into several smaller payments, the result is likely to be better. It is very easy to make a mistake with the choice of the optimal moment for BTC to XMR swap. Moreover, other mistakes happen during decision making. After the transition to DCA, you will be quite methodical in sticking to your chosen strategy.

This strategy does not eliminate the risk completely, but minimizes the risks of bad timing. It is not universal and does not guarantee success, since it is always necessary to take into account other factors that affect the market.

The choice of timing in the markets is very important. This is not an easy task even for experienced market veterans. Sometimes they also spend a lot of time and effort to analyze the market situation.

However, a successful market entry is only half the battle. After reaching the desired amount of investment, it is necessary to start planning to exit the market.

Strategy drawbacks

DCA can be a profitable strategy, but a lot of investors are cool about it. It makes sense during periods of high market volatility. But according to some experts, in a stable market situation, it leads to a loss of profit. In a sustained bullish trend, those who have invested earlier are in a better position.

With a prolonged fall, the periodic acquisition of an asset increases the drawdown. Situations are not excluded when losses exceed the allowable level and the investor will have to close the position. Also, the drawdown can continue indefinitely and all this time the position will remain at a loss. The limit of the fall in the price of an asset is limited to a price equal to zero. In the conditions of the cryptocurrency market, such scenarios are not uncommon, that is, the probability of catching a “falling knife” is far from zero.

However, many novice investors do not have large enough amounts for a one-time investment. And for them, the DCA strategy is objectively the safest and most convenient solution.

When to buy cryptocurrency

Regularity is important in DCA. You can buy coins on any day you like. Someone comes to https://letsexchange.io once a month on the day of their salary, it is more convenient for someone to buy cryptocurrency weekly.

Using modern technologies, it has become easier to calculate the optimal time to buy cryptocurrency. Such an experiment was conducted by CryptoPotato experts. They sent a corresponding request to Google Bard. According to artificial intelligence, the best time to buy BTC is Saturday and Sunday.

“According to historical market data, the best day of the week to buy cryptocurrency is Sunday. The second best day is Saturday. After that, prices rise and reach a maximum on Friday, ”the chatbot emphasized.

From August 2022 to August 2023, the minimum average daily prices were fixed on Sunday. The “Sunday average” price of BTC for this period was $23,595, while the maximum average daily price was on Wednesday at $23,850. That is, by buying Bitcoin on Sundays throughout the year, an investor would buy an asset on average 1% cheaper.

The conclusions of the chatbot should not be taken as the ultimate truth and extrapolated to the market behavior of all cryptocurrencies. However, using the capabilities of artificial intelligence can really greatly simplify the analysis of a huge amount of data and help in making a decision.


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