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Oliver Stone Net Worth

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How Rich Is Oliver Stone?

Oliver Stone Net Worth

If you are wondering how rich Oliver Stone Net Worth is, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve covered his films, such as Platoon and Persona Non Grata, as well as his net worth. However, we’ve left out some of the more popular ones. You can learn more about Stone’s movies by reading our reviews. In this article, we’ll touch on some of his other works. Also, learn about his net worth by reading our bios.


While working on his acting career, Oliver Stone has been working on writing and producing films as well. He has won three Academy Awards for his work. While working on his Platoon net worth, Stone focuses primarily on acting, but his credits also include producing and writing. Here are some of the most notable of these. Oliver Stone’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Listed below are some of the most popular films and performances of his career.

During his service in Vietnam, Stone gained experience. While in the army, he served with the 3rd Battalion of the 25th infantry near the Cambodian border. He was twice wonder while in the war, and later transferred to the 1st Cavalry. He was also assign to the Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon. The film was inspire by Stone’s experiences in Vietnam, and Sgt. Elias, portrayed by Willem Dafoe, is based on Stone’s real-life experiences in the Vietnam War.

Despite his impressive success as a filmmaker, Stone’s background is quite varied. Born in New York City, Stone was raise in Connecticut and Manhattan. He practices Buddhism and is a member of the Episcopal church. Oliver Stone’s parents divorced while he was still at school. After graduating from high school, Stone moved to Vietnam, where he served in the 25th Infantry Division and First Cavalry Division. While there, he became restless and listless, so he applied for work in the Merchant Marines. This job also required him to live in Guadalajara, Mexico. During this time, he began writing A Child’s Night Dream, which later became his most famous film.

Persona Non Grata

The filmmaker Oliver Stone has a net worth of $10 million due to his latest film, “Persona Non Grata.” This made-for-cable documentary follows the lives of Palestinians and Israelis during the Second World War. The film features interviews with key figures in the Middle East, including former Israeli Prime Ministers, Hamas official Hasan Yosef, European diplomats, and the heavily disguised Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. The film first aired on HBO on June 5, 2003.

Oliver Stone’s net worth is also attribute to his three documentaries about Fidel Castro: “Looking for Fidel” and “Castro in Winter.” His latest film focused on Israeli-Palestinian relations, and he interviewed prominent Israeli figures, including Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, and Ehud Barak. The film also features a short biographical piece on the infamous “Mideast Mosques.”

In addition to his film career, Oliver Stone has also written and directed several popular films. His 1995 comedy Reversal of Fortune earned him an Oscar, as did his 1993 drama “The Joy Luck Club,” which starred Woody Harrelson and Jeremy Irons. He’s also been an active producer, directing movies as varied as war epics and crime/action flicks. A few of his other notable projects include “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which starred Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio. He also directed “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (2007), a thriller with Edward Norton and Courtney Love.


Oscar winner Oliver Stone is known for directing films like Salvador, Platoon, and Wall Street. His first major hit, Scarface, became one of the most watched films of all time, and he continued to make movies, directing more than 20 more since then. His net worth is $50 million, and he has a long list of notable credits to his name. Listed below is an overview of Stone’s filmography.

Besides his film career, Oliver Stone is also a father. He has three children. The youngest, Sean, is one of his three children. He was married to actress Sun-Jung Jung three times, the first in 1981 and the second in 1993. His third wife, Sun-Jung Jung, was born in South Korea. As far as their net worth goes, Oliver Stone is marrieds to a South Korean woman name Sun-Jung Jung.

Since his debut film, Salvador, Stone has been a successful filmmaker, garnering several awards and accolades. He has been nominate for three Academy Awards and has been honor with several other honors. He has also penned screenplays for such films as Scarface (1983) and Midnight Expresx (1978), for which he received $300,000. The is an advocate of environmental issues, and his endorsement of Green Party candidate Jill Stein in the 2016 presidential election has landed him a large chunk of his net worth.

Roland Emmerich

Both Emmerich and Stone have amassed a huge net worth over the years. Despite their differences in their respective fields, both have enjoyed tremendous success in their careers. Emmerich began his career in his native Germany, and his first film was a student project that played in the competition at the Berlin Film Festival. He then went on to direct numerous other movies, including the critically-acclaimed Independence Day. In addition to feature films, Emmerich has worked on several television shows, including the popular TV series GODZILLA: THE SERIES, and DARK HORSE.

Among the highest-paid actors in the world, Hitchcock is the highest-paid filmmaker. The director earned $15 million for his film “Psycho” in 1960, which became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Oliver Stone’s net worth is estimate to be around $70 million. He has won three Academy Awards, including Best Director and Producer for his films. His latest production, “2012,” grossed $860 million worldwide.

Another director with a huge net worth is British-born Christopher Nolan. This director specializes in dark psychological dramas, including “Memento,” “Inception,” and the “Batman” franchise. Despite facing a number of setbacks, he’s now the highest-paid filmmaker in Hollywood. Oliver Stone, meanwhile, is the brains behind the $400 million “Batman” movie.

Carrie Stevens

It is impossible to know how much Carrie Stevens and Oliver Stone are worth, but we can speculate based on their net worths and their success. The two were born in New York City, but were raised in Stanford, Connecticut. They are members of the Episcopal church. Stone was a former Playboy Playmate and has been accuse of sexual misconduct many times. As a result, Stevens’ story is very important to the public, and her net worth is estimate to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Carrie Stevens is a former playboy model and actress who became an international sensation after accusing Stone of grabbing her breast during a 1991 party. The pair have since apologized and are now on good terms. Carrie Stevens and Oliver Stone’s net worth is estimate to be over $50 million dollars. However, Carrie Stevens’ net worth may be lower than Stone’s. If you have been a fan of both actors, you might be curious about their personal lives.

Oliver Stone is one of Hollywood’s most successful directors. He has earned millions of dollars from his successful film career. He earned nearly $70 million for his film Alekhander in 2004, and another $293 million in 1991. In 1983, he earned just $0.3 million for his movie Scarface. His net worth has grown steadily over the years, and it is expected to rise in the future. So how much do Oliver Stone and Carrie Stevens earn?

Melissa Gilbert

Oliver Stone is a successful director who has created a number of successful films including Snowden, W, and JFK. Melissa Gilbert, a star of the 1970s sitcom “Little House on the Prairie,” has a net worth of $15 million. Oliver Stone sexually harassed Gilbert during an audition for his 1991 film, “The Doors.” The actor allegedly told Gilbert he wanted her to act out a sexual scene and forced her to leave the audition. She resisted and ran out of the room crying. Oliver Stone later hired a different actress to play Pamela Courson.

The two have modest net worths. Gilbert is a successful actress who opened up to Andy Cohen on his radio show, “Radio Andy.” In 2017, she revealed that Oliver Stone sexually harassed her during an audition for a film in 1991. She would not name any names, however. She later served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild, which helped her secure more roles. In 2016, Gilbert ran for Congress, but was forced to drop out after suffering injuries from a car accident in 2012.

While Oliver Stone has achieved a huge net worth with his numerous awards and honors, he has been equally as successful in television and film. He has produced and directed a number of movies and television shows, including “The Untold History of the United States” and “The Putin Interviews”. Oliver Stone is also credited for his writing and directing two episodes of HBO’s “America Undercover.”

Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis and Oliver Stone are among the most successful film directors in the history of Hollywood. Both are 82 years old and have net worth estimated at $20 million each. Zemeckis is a private pilot who flies a Cirrus SR20. Both have political affiliations and have regularly donated to Democratic Party candidates. Both actors and screenwriters had to overcome numerous obstacles before finally making their way into the film industry.

The two directors have a lot in common, primarily in their careers. Both have directed historical dramas focusing on U.S. presidents. They have worked together on John F. Kennedy, John Quincy Adams, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. Both men have cast Anthony Hopkins as a U.S. president. Spielberg also made an animated film, which he credited to director John Williams.

In addition to producing and directing films, Zemeckis has also written and directed a variety of television shows and documentaries. One Vision, a documentary film about filmmaking, features interviews with Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, and Robert Zemeckis. Both films are considered major successes. While they are considered one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood, both are actively involved in politics.

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