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OLIGHT Marauder Mini Torch review

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The Olight Marauder mini is a strong and compact torch that is designed for open-air activities such as hiking, camping and hunting. It features the highest output of 7000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 600 meters, making it one of the strong, compact torches accessible.

The Marauder mini has a strong aluminium body and features a magnetic charging port. It has a built-in battery that gives you high runtime on the lowest output.

One unique feature of the Marauder mini is its built-in proximity sensor, which mechanically adjusts the output level based on the distance between the light and the object it is illuminating. This helps to stop the user from blinding themselves or others near.

Overall, the Olight Marauder mini is a strong and versatile light that is best for open-air lovers who need a compact yet strong lighting solution.

Why do you want to purchase Olight Marauder mini flashlight

Your phone is not as reliable or strong

Your phone is not a substitute for a torch. Like most people, you use your phone the whole day, and you don’t know actually when the battery will run out. The torch will drain your phone’s battery quicker and heat it. The last thing you need in an emergency is for your phone battery to die.

The objective of an Olight Marauder mini torch is to give light as it is designed for that objective. It is stronger than any phone flash and can be switched on quicker with one button. Similarly, the long-lasting battery will keep you at ease, and you will not be switch on the screen every few minutes to check the percentage of the battery.

Dark streets

If you often come late, like going on long walks or parking your vehicle in a secluded spot, a torch should definitely be part of your supplies. Thankfully, the latest flashlights are brighter with long-distance beams, so you can see pretty far and feel more alert to your surroundings. If you don’t want to carry a torch in your purse all the time, you can keep one in your vehicle.

Hard spaces

Even if it is not fully dark, certain conditions still need high natural light. Changing your car tire in the evening or finding your keys in the car, many conditions need extra light. From searching under your vehicle seat to looking inside a gap, flashlights are helpful in tight spaces. Flashlights are forever going to come in handy. A simple carry torch can be used as a keychain too.

Adventure times

Whether you are travelling to exotic locations with dense dark caves and forests or going on a hike and camping in the local area, an Olight Marauder Mini torch is essential for adventures that generally involve nature. You will feel much safer with a torch, so when something moves in the dark, you don’t have to fall and trip and can see what it is.

How do we pick the best EDC flashlight?

There are a few important factors to keep in mind that can help narrow down your options and find the best flashlight EDC, like Olight Marauder Mini, for your needs. Here are some of the criteria we need for picking an EDC torch:

Portability and size

We consider the weight and size of the flashlight. An EDC flashlight should be small and lightweight enough to carry with you every day. It should qualify for the top pocket flashlight EDC.

Battery life

We consider the battery life of the torch and its runtime and whether it comes with rechargeable batteries or uses disposable batteries.


A torch must be bright enough for your needs. Lumen is the measurement unit for light output or brightness, and a flashlight with 100-7000 lumens is generally sufficient for most everyday uses. 


A torch should be built to last, with durable materials and waterproofing, including the lifespan of the light bulb.


What is the difference between tactical and EDC flashlights?

The key difference between tactical and EDC flashlights is their intended use. EDC flashlights are design for everyday use, while tactical torches are design for tactical conditions, such as military, law enforcement, or other self-defence scenarios.

EDC flashlights are designed to be carried easily for general use. They are generally lightweight and small and can easily fit on your keychain or in your pocket. EDC flashlights are usually less powerful than tactical torches, but they are perfect for daily use.

How many lumens will blind an attacker?

The number of lumens needed to bind an attacker depends on many factors, including the distance between the attacker and the person shining the light and the lighting situations of the atmosphere.

In general, a torch with more than 400 lumens temporarily blinds an attacker, providing you with a few seconds to respond or escape.

Is a flashlight necessary for EDC?

Carrying a torch as part of your EDC gear is not necessary. Still, it can be a helpful and practical tool to have on hand in many conditions, such as for illumination in dimly lit areas or trying to find your keys in the dark, a self-defence tool in conditions where you feel threatened, in emergencies where a torch can be a lifesaver or just really for ease. As the name entails, it is for everyday use/carry.

From our point of view, you should carry an EDC flashlight like Olight Marauder Mini with you always, just like you do with your handphone.

Why is EDC a flashlight?

EDC torch is a helpful and practical tool to have on hand for a range of reasons, including safety, illumination, and emergencies. EDC torch can provide these added advantages with its powerful and compact features.

End words

Always keep prepared with an Olight Marauder Mini torch that you can always keep in your pocket. Having the best standard EDC flashlight may come in handy one day, and having the best one could be all the difference.


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